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Here we present our professional massage tables, made with the quality, design, and functionality that have always distinguished us. These characteristics are essential because they guarantee the durability of our products over time and are what every spa professional looks for in a massage treatment bed. Discover the full range now!

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Lemi massage tables: discover all our collections

Our valuable collections of esthetician and Spa tables designed to enrich beauty centers and Spas, ensuring maximum professionalism, are:

  • EVO: all the spa treatment tables of this series feature the HBS mattress system (Head, Back, Shoulder). This innovative system allows stimulating the head, back, and arms without stretching or contracture, thanks to the ability of lowering the armrests and adjusting the headrest for perfect alignment and comfort.
  • CLASSIC: all the professional massage beds in this line feature the traditional mattress with an American head (horseshoe head), suitable for body massages and facial treatments. For those looking for professional electric massage beds – electrically adjustable in height, backrest, and leg – and that allow a relaxation position, the Classic collection is perfect.
  • ESSENTIAL: the beauty salon beds of this range are ideal for those who want an electric esthetician bed that combines the electric height adjustment with the possibility of manually adjusting the backrest or leg.
  • STATIONARY: is our collection of fixed professional massage beds, which therefore have a fixed height and manually adjustable backrest. All mattresses have a face hole on the backrest.
  • SPA DREAM: is a 2 in 1 professional water massage bed for spa, which combines the benefits of water with those of quartz. Complete with a heated top and chromotherapy, with electrically adjustable height, it is ideal for massages, but also for relaxation treatments.

Lemi Professional Massage Beds: unicuique suum, to each his own

Lemi esthetician tables and spa massage tables meet the most diverse needs: in our catalog there are fireproof electric beauty beds, foldable, antibacterial and antifungal, and fixed professional massage tables.

Our models are the best you can find for a wide range of face and body treatments, massages, and Spa treatments.

Discover our lines of professional spa massage beds:

EVO – Portofino Evo, Verona Evo, Florence, Versus, Gemya Evo.

CLASSIC – Amalfi, Verona, Portofino, Amanda, Bellagio, Gemya.

ESSENTIAL – Ayurveda V, Next, Sosul, Sosul 2000, Sosul Top, Versus 1M, Bellagio 1M.

STATIONARY – Sowelle, Well.


Dual-use models are also available, such as Verona Evo, which can be used both as a chair and as a Spa massage bed.

Lemi professional massage beds are designed to respond differently to the needs of modern and cutting-edge Spas and wellness centers, they stand out for their captivating design and excellent functionality.

Created with the utmost attention to comfort, both for the customer and the operator, our esthetician and spa treatment tables also adapt to multi rooms that offer face, body, and massage services.

Choosing a professional Lemi beauty massage bed means opting for a product that combines comfort, ease of use, and optimization of workspace with elegant and fascinating designs.

Discover in detail all our spa beds and esthetician beds now, because style is a matter of elegance and… aesthetics, ça va sans dire!

Lemi Massage Tables: accessories and customizations

Our massage beds are also extremely versatile, thanks to the possibility of adding accessories such as armrests, swivel armrests, roll holders, push buttons, wireless foot pedals, and much more.

Select the available options for your massage tables and maximize the treatments and services tailored to your customers.

In addition, our beautician bed and Spa tables are available in various colors and styles so you can choose the one that best fits the atmosphere of your beauty center or spa, designed to be easy to clean and maintain, they guarantee maximum hygiene in your wellness center. The materials used are water and stain resistant, so you can easily remove any residues of oil or lotions.

Choosing a Lemi massage bed means investing in quality and comfort for your customers. For an unforgettable massage experience choose a durable and adaptable and adjustable massage bed to your needs and in continuous evolution. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your beauty center and Spa with our Lemi professional massage tables.