Lemi offers a complete line of trolleys, furniture and stools that can be coordinated with the treatment tables and chairs. All of these feature the highest quality finishes and materials and are designed to ensure maximum functionality, even in the most exclusive environments.

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Here you are introduced to Trolley Spa, our collection of spa trolleys for estheticians. All our beauty center trolleys utilize excellent materials, they have fine finishings and they are also fully customizable.Find out now!

Wooden spa carts, discover the collection.

LEMI assortment of wooden beauty trolleys includes those models:

  • Sotryl
  • T-One
  • T-Smart
  • T-Store
  • T-Vale
  • T-Vale S
  • T-Vapo
  • T-Wax

Sotryl is a wooden spa cart with wheels and three shelves, it is available in natural wood, wengé wood, milk wood, lacquered in white or black.
Regarding T-One, this is a multifunctional solid trolley for estheticians equipped with two drawers and a single wardrobe with a shelf able to hold the Hot Cabi heating unit or the Cold Cabi refrigeration unit.
On the other side, T-Smart stands out amongst LEMI beauty carts for its versatility: multi-functional, equipped with three shelves and silent wheels, it’s a really useful tool, suitable for any need.
Here we are with T-Store, the non plus ultra of wooden beauty carts. This is a comfortable multifunctional trolley with a minimalist design, built with exceptional raw materials. Showing its high-quality finishings, the T-Store is equipped with really silent wheels and offers a large compartment and various drawers useful to keep the spa cabin always clean and settled up.
If you are looking for the most innovative design for your salon or wellness center, you can consider T-Vale, a multi-purpose trolley for beauticians. Indeed the T-Vale is made with excellent raw materials and it is offered in 12 elegant finishes variants. Showing its minimalist outlines, equipped with silent wheels, this spa trolley is the must-have accessory for every beauty professional. In one place you can settle up at best all the tools that you need, so that the overall efficiency is increased and thus ensuring, at the same time, even better results and greater customer satisfaction.
The same can be said regarding T-Vale S. Adding some wonderful technological features to T-Vale, T-Vale S is a multi-purpose trolley for beauticians created from excellent raw materials. Equipped with silent wheels, this spa trolley with minimalist outlines is the must-have accessory for beauty professionals. Versatile and useful, it is also provided with really silent wheels in order to be stored in any Spa cabin. As a plus, we can find a heating plate, as well as the heating unit called Hot Cabi and the refrigeration unit, Cold Cab.
T-Vapo is a spa cart with an integrated steam system, designed for the most demanding beauty professionals. T-Vapo includes a large water tank, allowing an all-day usage. In addition to traditional steam and ozone treatments, it also offers herbal and aromatherapy treatments, providing optimal efficiency regarding the evaporation process.
Finally, here is the T-Wax, a multifunctional spa cart made with noble materials, offering an essential design and fine finishes. Equipped with silent wheels, it follows the operator inside the cabin space, keeping it clean and functional. Designed to be versatile and practical, T-Wax offers a large compartment and drawers to keep your tools always in their proper position.

Tryllo, a metal spa cart for beauticians.

After many wooden beauty trolleys, we are proud to introduce in the Trolley Spa collection Tryllo, a metal spa cart for beauticians. Tryllo is equipped with three shelves, a lamp holder and a small drawer. Very handy, with its 21 kg and 57x45x91 cm dimensions, Tryllo is white and can be easily moved through the workspace with its wheels. Despite its simplicity, like other beauty carts it allows you to better organize the tools and products needed for treatments, and provides essential help during the job, avoiding unnecessary movements.
Come with us to find out all the specifications about our wooden and metal beauty trolleys – they are designed to meet all your needs! You will store there the equipment you use in your treatments.