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The BEAUTY line includes a complete range of multifunctional treatment chairs for beauty centers and spas that can be adjusted to any position, becoming fully horizontal beds. All treatment chairs are suitable for facial and body treatments, waxing, pressotherapy, manicures, and pedicures.

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In this section of the website, we present Beauty, our complete line of beauty and Spa treatment chairs, that can be adjusted to any position, becoming fully horizontal beds. Each beauty treatment chair is suitable for facial treatments, body treatments, waxing, pressotherapy, manicures, and pedicures.

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Professional chairs for pedicures, manicures, facial and body treatments: discover the collection.

The Beauty line includes 4 different models of esthetician chairs for beauty centers, each with unique technical characteristics, but with the common denominator of being suitable for a variety of facial, body, hand, and foot treatments.

In particular, the examples of professional beauty therapist chairs that we offer are the following:

  • Lemi 2
  • Lemi 3
  • Lemi 4
  • Lemi Syncro Bi-Zak
  • Tesera

Each facial, pedicure and manicure chair for feet is designed to let the esthetician work in the most proper ergonomic conditions, and to provide the highest level of comfort to the customer, who can always sit and stand up comfortably.

Their structure is completely enclosed by ABS covers, which give them a distinctive design while enclosing all the mechanisms to protect the user during movements.

In more detail, Lemi 2 is an esthetician chair that includes height adjustment with a hydraulic pump, manual adjustment of Trendelenburg, backrest, legs, and head, a flat mattress as standard, and the possibility of 360° degrees rotation.

Lemi 3, among the electric esthetician chairs, is characterized by the presence of an electric motor for height adjustment, manual regulations of the backrest, legs, and Trendelenburg, a standard flat mattress, and a foot pedal control.

Lemi 4 is a facial, manicure and pedicure chair provided with 4 electrical engines for height, backrest, leg, and Trendelenburg adjustment; it comes with a standard flat mattress and a standard keypad with an automatic zeroing function.

Furthermore, Lemi Syncro Bi-Zak is a facial chair characterized by 3 electrical engines to adjust height, synchronized backrest-leg and trendelenburg, foot pedal control with an automatic zeroing function, and a standard flat bi-Zak mattress, where head and feet are extendable and removable.

Finally, Tesera stands out among the Lemi electric esthetician chairs for its 4 electrical engines for height, back, leg, and Trendelenburg adjustment. Tesera is equipped with automatic armrests, a push-button control with an automatic zeroing function and an anatomic seamless mattress with full removable headrest / footrest.

Discover in detail all the models of the Beauty line of esthetician and spa treatment chairs.

Pedicure Spa Chairs: discover Water, the line of equipment with advanced technology.

The Water line includes different types of spa chairs for pedicures that feature specific advanced technology not only for professional pedicures but also for professional manicures, spa treatments with water, steam baths, and hydrotherapy treatments.

Amalfi, Capri Pedi Spa, Elba Pedi Spa and Pedi Spa are the flagship products of the collection: despite having different technical characteristics, each Lemi chair for manicure and pedicure shares with the others simplicity, functionality, and comfort. These are specific features that coexist in perfect harmony with modern lines and elegant shapes, giving life to a treatment chair that adds charm and allure to any environment.

In conclusion, a pedicure chair for beauty centers and Spas by Lemi transforms the 3 treatments available simultaneously – pedicure, manicure, and facial – into a single moment of refined relaxation.
Compare the Amalfi, Capri, Elba, and Pedi spa pedicure chairs and discover all the details!