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The WATER line includes spa equipment featuring advanced technology specific for spa treatments with water, steam baths, hydrotherapy treatments, massages, manicures and professional pedicures.

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Here we want to introduce you to our Water collection spa beds – Aemotio Basic, Aemotio Spa and Sea Breeze. All models are built with an advanced and truly unique technology system, which makes them essential tools for professional spa treatments, steam baths, hydrotherapy treatments, massages, manicure and pedicure.

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Lemi spa bed for relaxation – Italian design that creates endless wellness paths.

Here we start with Aemotio Basic, the spa bed representing the new frontier of wellness. Indeed it triples the profitability of a normal spa table, as it creates more than one spa path. It is a water bed provided with chromotherapy, the height can be adjusted electrically. This chromotherapy water beauty bed offers the most contemporary treatment technologies with a truly exclusive design. It can be used for many activities, from hydrotherapy to peeling, from spa treatments to relax and anti-cellulite treatments. Slimming, toning, exfoliating, chromotherapy and anti-stress sessions – there is nothing you can’t do with Aemotio Basic! This beauty bed can be used with ease and safety on both sides, that of the customer and that of the operator.
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On the other side we find Aemotio Spa, the beauty bed representing our most revolutionary spa equipment. It is a latest-generation multi-function cabin combining the newest treatment techniques with a unique design. Equipped with a heated water mattress, Aemotio Spa works as a water bed with chromotherapy and a steam spa bed with aromatherapy. As a plus, Aemotio Spa has a 6-jet vichy shower, conceived for water vibromassage, relax treatments, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming, firming, body wraps, scrubs, massages and facial treatments.
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Sea Breeze spa beds, functionality and comfort in the same product.

Where functionality meets comfort you can find Sea Breeze, the relax spa tables collection showing clean lines and perfect mechanics. These Spa beds are stuffed, comfortable, water-resistant and come without seams. They are able to communicate sturdiness and lightness at the same time, paying accurate attention to detail, as we do for all our products.
Each Sea Breeze bed comes with a headrest with hole and adjustable arm support, in order to ensure total pleasure and relaxation, even in long-lasting treatments. At last, we are proud to add that Sea Breeze spa beds come with electric lifting, handled with an IP66 waterproof engine, stainless steel structure, and water-repellent faux leather mattress. Those beds are available in more than 50 colors, in order to satisfy even the most refined aesthetic and design needs.
Combined with Vichy showers, Sea Breeze spa beds expand and complete LEMI range of solutions for steam spa beds destined to wellness and thermal centers. These products can be used in every therapy, in addition to traditional body treatments, for water treatments, hydrotherapy, massages and for other spa services – i.e. peeling, filiform showers, thalassotherapy and mud treatments.
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