Water Line

The WATER line includes spa equipment featuring advanced technology specific for spa treatments with water, steam baths, hydrotherapy treatments, massages, professional manicures and pedicures.

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In this section of the website, we present the water massage beds for spas and wellness centers from our Water line – Aemotio Basic and Aemotio Spa. All models are built with an advanced and truly unique technology system, which makes them essential tools for professional spa treatments, steam baths, hydrotherapy treatments, massages, professional manicures and pedicures.

In addition to the spa water beds, the Water line includes our high-level pedicure stations Amalfi, Capri Pedi Spa, and Pedi Spa, as well as the entry-level pedicure station chairs Elba Pedi Spa and Pedi Spa Eco.

Discover them all now!

Water massage beds: Lemi’s Italian design for endless wellness journeys

Among the massage water beds for spas and wellness centers, Aemotio Basic represents the new frontier of wellness: it triples the profitability of a normal spa cabin, as it offers complete spa journeys. It is a chromotherapy bed that can be electrically adjusted in height.

All the most modern treatment technologies are enclosed in this chromotherapy and hydrotherapy massage bed, with a truly exclusive design: hydrotherapy, peeling, spa treatments, relaxation, anti-cellulite treatments, slimming, toning, exfoliating, anti-stress, and chromotherapy. There is nothing that cannot be comfortably and safely performed for the client.

Aemotio Spa, on the other hand, is our most revolutionary spa equipment: it is a latest-generation multifunction cabin combining the most modern treatment techniques in a unique design.

This hydrotherapy bed by Lemi is equipped with a heated water mattress and works as a chromotherapy bed and a steam spa bed with aromatherapy. Thanks to the presence of the 6-jet Vichy shower, it is ideal for water vibration massage, relaxation treatments, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming, firming, body wraps, scrubs, massages, and facial treatments.

Discover even more in detail the Aemotio Basic and Aemotio Spa water massage beds for spas, which have no rivals!

Professional pedicure stations for spas and wellness centers from the Water line

The Water line also includes a range of pedicure station chairs for spas, designed with advanced technology that makes them suitable not only for professional pedicure treatments but also for professional manicures and facial treatments.

Lemi’s manicure and pedicure station have been specially developed to offer comfort and functionality during beauty and wellness treatments. They are characterized by modern lines and elegant shapes that integrate into any type of environment.

The Water line’s Pipeless pedicure station guarantees maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. Equipped with unique features, they are suitable for various types of treatments. Among the flagship models, we have:

  • Capri Pedi Spa is the high-level electric spa pedicure station that, thanks to the electric sliding system of the seat and the adjustable backrest, allows finding the most functional and comfortable position for the client and the operator.
  • Pedi Spa is the high-level salon pedicure station equipped with professional hydro massage with 4 plantar jets and 6 lateral jets, and water sanitization through ozone.
  • Amalfi is the revolutionary convertible massage bed that turns into a pedicure chair with an integrated hydro massage tub.