VITA – The new LEMI finishes inspired by earth

Just as a tree is born from a tiny seed, a more sustainable future is also built starting from small acts. LEMI has selected a new finish, VITA, whose particular construction based on natural and reusable raw materials makes the products even more oriented towards a concept of well-being that goes beyond the physical and mental.

Earth has its own tone

LEMI has selected a range of NEW FINISHES, made with specific sustainable raw materials, such as recycled organic cotton. Available in four warm, elegant colors with earthy tones. The aim is to replace as many components as possible with natural and renewable resources, without affecting the wear resistance and longevity of the products. The final result: over 80% of the ingredients are now natural and renewable resources.

The sustainable way

Today, 70% of LEMI wooden equipment is producted with FSC certified lumber from unprotected forests. The mattress covers, free of synthetic dyes and toxic materials, come from companies that respect the best practices for safety the environment. Internally, by reorganizing the production processes we have removed waste of time, resources and energy. Our packaging is currently 80% sustainable (made of wood and cardboard). The structure of LEMI headquarters is equipped with photovoltaic panels and LED lighting systems, to improve the impact on the environment, looking towards clean energy consumption.