Aemotio Spa hydrotherapy massage table: here’s why it’s unique

When the Lemi engineers designed the Aemotio Spa hydrotherapy massage table, their goal was truly ambitious: to create a modern, comfortable and comprehensive multipurpose station offering the ideal conditions for the delivery of a wide range of treatments. In this in-depth study, we describe the features that characterise this special hydrotherapy massage table and make it a real “treatment cabin”.

 Aemotio Spa hydrotherapy massage table: a thousand uses

Thanks to its completeness and optional extras, the Aemotio Spa hydrotherapy massage table has won numerous international awards and become one of our customers’ favourite products.

Depending on requirements, this workstation can be used for hydrotherapy treatments, exfoliating peels, muds, massages, slimming and toning treatments, steam baths and facial treatments. The great versatility of the hydrotherapy massage table makes it an excellent up-selling and cross-selling tool, as it allows operators to offer and provide different services at the same time or in succession, creating combinations that are always different and customisable treatments according to the client’s needs and wishes.

 Aemotio Spa hydrotherapy table: features and benefits

Aemotio Spa was created as a bed for hydrotherapy and chromotherapy that turns into a super-equipped multi-purpose wet table.

Its outstanding feature is a polyurethane water mattress equipped with a heating plate; a constant temperature solution that allows the water temperature to be regulated, optimising effort and energy consumption. The hydrotherapy bed is topped by a Vichy shower with six jets and adjustable power, all with the “prepare” function that allows the ideal water temperature to be selected before opening the shower in order to avoid any thermal shock.

Added to these advantages are LED strips for chromotherapy, a practical bolero with adjustable jet and great optional accessories such as the savonage kit or the steam bath kit.

Steam water bed ready in an instant

Thanks to the special stainless steel steam generator, the Aemotio Spa can be transformed in a few moments into a water-based steam bed: simply apply a practical disposable pad to prevent the dispersion of steam and deliver a relaxing, effective and remarkably professional treatment.

lemi aemotio spa hydrotherapy massage table

Spa steam bed: the Lemi guarantee

The Aemotio Spa water steam bed is a Made in Italy product that combines style and functionality. Available in three elegant fibreglass finishes (white, black and gold), the workstation is guaranteed for up to ten years and entitles the owner to the company’s exclusive Lifetime Assistance scheme. Choose a truly multipurpose spa steam bed and discover the pleasure of relying on a functional, versatile and extremely elegant station: click here to download the product data sheet.