Chromotherapy: what it is and how to make the most of it

Have you ever wondered what blue is? Or the green? Try to explain to another person what a color is and you will find that it is a difficult task.
If you want to make a good impression, the next time someone asks you, know that colors are nothing but extremely subjective sensations.
That said, colors exert a great influence on our psychophysical balance: they act on our brain and consequently, indirectly on our body. Chromotherapy does nothing but use this to our advantage.

What is “color therapy”?

It is an alternative therapy that uses the healing power of colors to accelerate the healing of minor pathologies and psychophysical imbalances.
According to the scientific community, chromotherapy is unable to directly and effectively heal the body. In reality, this is not its main purpose. This is not how this treatment works. The principle behind chromotherapy is to act on the brain which, in turn, affects the body. No immediate cure – just a boost to self healing.
Widely used in beauty centers and spas all over the world, chromotherapy is based on the absorption of colors through different methods:

  • light irradiation: occurs with the help of lamps that emit light radiation through colored filters
  • chromopuncture: the color is irradiated on specific areas of the body through a luminous tip
  • crystal-chromotherapy: some rooms can be furnished with colored stones and crystals. In this way it is possible to combine the influence of colors with that of some minerals
  • solarized water: obtained when the water contained in a colored glass container is exposed to the sun
  • chromomassage:: massage that makes use of oils that contain colored pigments

What is chromotherapy for?

Chromotherapy has several benefits. It acts mainly on hypotensive and inflammatory disorders by acting as a natural analgesic. The therapy is not a real drug but it is still able to stimulate various soothing and healing functions of the body. In particular, chromotherapy is capable of:

  • improve mood
  • counteract fatigue
  • relieve pain
  • relax the nervous system
  • fight anxiety and depression
  • prove to be an alternative remedy for hyperactivity
  • relieve emotional disturbances

How to apply chromotherapy

This treatment has made its way more and more in the field of well-being and body care. Its adoption is now consolidated in spas and beauty centers and to apply it correctly it is a good idea to always integrate it with other treatments. Here are the main relaxing and healing procedures to combine the power of colors:

  • emotional shower: through the installation of luminous panels or small LED lights it is possible to guarantee a unique sensory experience capable of involving several senses at the same time;
  • salt room: it is an excellent remedy for almost all pathologies involving the respiratory system. A salt room with chromotherapy can be a very effective multisensory treatment;
  • hydromassage and Turkish baths: both are already valid allies in themselves to combat high blood pressure, stress and muscle tension but can be “completed” thanks to the influence of colors;
  • water bed: in this case, relaxation and well-being derive from the combination of water movements with the beneficial effect of light shades of color.

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aemotio basic water massage bed and chromotherapy

Psychophysical benefits of colors 

In general, warm shades restore energy resources and keep the mood high, while cold shades tend to eliminate tension and perform an analgesic and tranquilizing function. Trying to leave out any too abstract and metaphysical interpretation and keeping a good dose of pragmatism, here are the meanings of the main colors:


It encourages the healing of inflammation so it is used for contractions, inflammation and muscle strains. It also helps regulate blood pressure and is also excellent as an antidepressant and counteracts asthma.


It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid. It stimulates a good mood and helps fight neurosis. It can be used to combat anorexia because, like all warm colors, it should stimulate the appetite.


It helps to relax the nervous system and is therefore suitable for counteracting migraines and insomnia. Also excellent, thanks to its relaxing function, to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms resulting from chronic stress.


Combats stress and anxiety. In this case it is important to prefer lighter shades because the darker ones can instill, in some particularly sensitive subjects, a feeling of oppression or gloom.


It relaxes the nerves by acting as an analgesic. It can also be a valid ally for the integrative treatment of white blood cells, if you have weakening of the bone system and you want to stimulate healing.