Spa Dream

COD: 853

■ 2 electric motors for height and trendelenburg adjustments

■ Color therapy
■ Heating
■ Pillow with face hole
■ Water version with 4 water cushions
■ Quartz version with sferical quartz sand

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Featuring a color therapy mechanism with 7 alternating colors, the Spa Dream massage table features height and trendelenburg electric adjustment. The sand version is comprised of spherical quartz, which envelops the body when heated in order to create a total sense of inner relaxation. Combined with the particular grain size of the sand itself, the sea-like “dry heat” provides for exceptional comfort, thus resulting in a perfect massage support.

As an alternative, the heated water mattress is comprised of 4 separate cushions, in order to keep the water evenly distributed. This results to an extremely stable and comfortable surface for both the customer and the practitioner alike, thus allowing for the performance of any type of massage, even the most vigorous and localized.

Ideal for:
Beauty, wellness and spa treatments, emotional treatments with color therapy, body treatments, relaxation and all types of massages, even the most vigorous.

Spa Dream is equipped with a totally electric height adjustment and inclination system, with the possibility of tilting up to a maximum of 10 °. The inclination has been carefully studied to guarantee a position of perfect comfort for the customer. The tilting movement allows complete relaxation and lengthening of the vertebral area, reducing muscle pressure and increasing the lengthening of the spine.
The Spa Dream bed can be implemented with a Quartz Kit. This version with sand is made of spherical mineral quartz, equipped with heating envelops the body, favoring complete inner relaxation. The heat is “dry”, like that of the marine beach, and the granulometry of the sand favors a good support to realize every kind of massage, even the most energetic.
The Spa Dream massage table is equipped with a comfortable mattress with a face hole. The foam in the padding has been specially designed for maximum customer comfort, for maximum relaxation in the prone position, even for long-lasting treatments.

Ocean Dream Massage

by Jean Guy de Gabriac

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of JEAN GUY DE GABRIAC combined with the design and multi-functionality of SPA DREAM with its heated water cushions, OCEAN DREAM MASSAGE was born: a journey in which the body and water unite through the warmth of the hands and of the couch, like a wave that runs through the energy flows of the body, bringing it into a state of total well-being.


The first wave of energy we encounter is our heartbeat. It is time we listen to ourselves again, and more thoroughly.

Like a drop falling into the water, every beat creates a ripple, a sensorial, fluid, continuous, perfect motion. The water element flows through our body like a river. Taking care of our body is an act of self love: a journey to reclaim our balance & enjoy your full potential. During the massage, we place ourselves in someone’s skilled hands able to sail in the troubled waters of busy life, to bring us to an emotional harbour. The hands like boats, surf on the skin, following the topography of the body, like sailing over waves. The warm water-pillows place the body in a weightless state of floatation. They also offer a double sensation of massage: with warm caring hands on top, and with peaceful undulations underneath. As the heat nurrishes muscles, loosening muscular tensions, endless ripples gently craddle the body and quieten the mind. Positive and negative inclinations subtlety positioning the head up or down by 7° play with gravity and enhance a sensational perception of total immersion. A wave of energy flows through the body, completing the blissful sensorial journey on all levels: physical, mental, emotional… and gravitational!

The caring hands of the therapist act like a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, leaving us refreshed and
revitalized at the end of this sensorial experience, feeling at peace, feeling as One with our core element: Water.


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Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 210 × 88 × 85 cm

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