Water massage beds: features and benefits

The experience of clients lying on a water massage bed is warm, enveloping and utterly inimitable. If you want to offer an ultra-luxurious and relaxing range of treatments, read on for more information.

Water massage beds: it all begins with the mattress

Let’s start with the most important question: what is a water massage bed? The main difference between a water massage bed and a traditional one is the surface, which instead of the classic mattress is a water-filled mattress that responds to external pressure with all the properties of a liquid.

What’s more, a water massage bed provides the ideal conditions for relaxation by varying the temperature of the water it contains, which can be adjusted quickly and simply by the operator to suit the client’s needs.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the best water massage beds can be fitted with everything needed for chromotherapy, the perfect accompaniment to treatments carried out on this special type of bed.

Water massage beds: all the benefits

The specific features of a water massage bed help to deliver comprehensive wellness experiences that have considerable health benefits.

Thanks to the particular nature of the mattress, a water massage bed helps the muscles to relax, encourages the spine to stretch and supports the circulation and microcirculation by means of a natural massage caused by the continuous motion of the water in response to the operator’s movement; this has a specific lymphatic draining effect on the body.

In addition, the wave-like movement of the water in a water massage bed rocks and caresses the body from head to toe, alleviating tension and encouraging relaxation.

water massage beds

Water bed massage: the main treatments

The special characteristics of the water mattress and the ambient effect of chromotherapy, often combined with water bed massage, help to enhance the quality of numerous treatments. Procedures that can be successfully delivered on a water massage bed include toning or slimming treatments, rejuvenating massage and, of course, relaxation.

In general, a water massage bed is suitable for all treatments that require fluid movement, without too much pressure by the operator, and that can be enhanced by the particular characteristics of this special type of bed.

Water massage beds: the Lemi range

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