Trolleys for beauty centers: models not to be missed

In a wellness center, but also in a beauty center, having the products easily at hand is essential, so that you can work in the best possible way during the execution of different beauty treatments.

Therefore, trolleys for beauticians are not all the same: the models available on the market are different and orientation in the choice may not be easy. In this in-depth study, we invite you to discover the most interesting ones.


Trolley for beautician: the importance of a customized model

Trolleys for beauticians must be customized, i.e. modular in their own image and likeness.

This is because each beauty center is different, both according to the space available in each environment, and to the type of treatments that are carried out in it.

Another consideration to make is that the beauty center has valuable materials and equipment inside. Choosing a trolley for a professional beautician that is also pleasing to the eye is an important factor. From this point of view, wood is simply a perfect material.


Wooden beauty trolleys: why choose them

Therefore, wooden beauty trolleys represent the ideal solution, able to combine unparalleled aesthetic harmony with the environment on the one hand and maximum strength on the other.

The most functional models are those that have silent wheels and at least three shelves, so that they can be moved with ease at will. With his proposals, Lemi guarantees a quality and minimal design, perfect to be combined within different environments and according to any style of the beauty center. In this way, the trolley is always perfectly in tune with the environment, without the need to change it frequently.


The Lemi collection of wooden trolleys for beauty centers

Lemi’s wooden beauty trolleys models are many and all highly customizable. One of the most interesting is T-one, compact, equipped with two drawers, a cabinet with a multifunctional shelf and an integrated Hot Cabi (replaceable on request by a Cold Cabi). A suitable solution, in particular, in state-of-the-art cabs.

The T-Smart beautician trolley, on the other hand, is the maximum in versatility, thanks to the silent wheels and the three shelves supplied. A trolley to always have in the beauty center being able to intervene effectively at any time.

Equally comfortable is the T-Store model which simply represents the best among the trolleys for aesthetics, thanks to the minimal design and the excellent materials with which it is made; it is equipped with multifunction tops with removable drawers and a compartment with door, quality finishes, including silent wheels.

The other Lemi models regarding wooden trolleys for beauty centers, each with specific design features that make it worthy of interest, are:

  • T-Vale. It is one of the most innovative trolleys for beauty centers. It has a hot Cabbi to heat the wipes to be applied to the face and body after each massage, a cooling unit, removable shelf and column. Like all Lemi branded products, it is made with the highest quality materials and is available in 10 different finishes that guarantee attention to detail. It is also available in the T-Vale S version, which has the same characteristics as the previous one in a more compact size.
  • T-Vapo. A trolley for beauty centers that sees integrated steam, ideal for the most demanding professionals who perform treatments with herbs and aromatherapy, able to guarantee excellence in the beauty world.
  • T-Wax. Its essential design is obtained with noble materials and fine finishes, including silent wheels. Its main feature is given by the presence of 2 integrated wax heater compartments with temperature adjustment, large compartment, upper sliding shelf that allows the easy support of equipment and different drawers to organize the spaces.


Metal aesthetic trolley: an option not to be underestimated

The other interesting solution for beauty centers is the metal beautician trolley, which is characterized by the presence of multiple shelves and the provision of wheels that make transport more efficient than ever.

Lemi makes it in a large and manageable model, despite the important weight of 21 kg. A versatile solution capable of making the professional feel always at maximum efficiency, thanks to the spaces that allow him to have the different tools available, each in his place and easily organized.



The trolley for beauticians is a device that should not be underestimated, in the field of aesthetics. It is, in fact, the piece of furniture with which the professional presents the greatest interaction during professional practice. A minimal design, in wood as in metal, which allows you to combine aesthetic appeal and comfort at the highest levels.