Trend of the Wellness world for 2022

Wellness centers and spas are not only places where you can feel good, but also give you an experience to cut loose and live a moment of rejuvenating relaxation in which the five senses are involved. 

For this reason, when deciding to furnish a wellness center, it is important to consider a variety of factors such as lights, aromas and colors.

All elements that must be incorporated into the furniture & design spa interior project together with the right mix of accessories. All this will allow you to harmoniously furnish your wellness center and spa. So, if after two years of closures and lockdowns, you are thinking of renovating your spa and are looking for style tips on how to furnish it, you should consider the latest trends from the world of wellness spa design relating to 2022.

In fact, in recent years we have been witnessing a feeling of moving away from the formal and minimalist taste that has characterized the design of luxury spas in the last decade with a greater propensity towards a more intimate concept concerning physical and mental well-being transposed through the reunion with the nature and individual use of the relaxation areas. A trend that is reflected in the furnishings through the choice of sustainable raw materials, the construction of natural pools and architectural contaminations that come from Japan. If you want to know more about how to furnish a spa and what are the trends in the wellness sector for 2022, continue reading our article. Here are the main spa trends for next year.

Raw materials

Precious and refined materials are no longer an indicator of a luxury experience.
In recent years, the awareness of how important it is to take care of the environment and how nature is unique and precious for man in all its facets has become increasingly important.
An awareness that falls in the choice of materials such as wood, stone and marble, which become a way to reconnect with the natural world. But that’s not all: this drive towards pure materials is supported by the use of recycled materials, handcrafted furniture and rustic finishes.


2020 and 2021 made us rediscover the pleasure of walking in the green. In terms of design, this trend has been translated into the desire to integrate indoor spaces with outdoor elements. Creating green corners with plants and natural pools in our spas therefore helps us to recreate the bond with nature. It is not a matter of inserting only a single plant in a corner but to create real inner gardens to bring our “I” in harmony with nature. Beautiful to look at, they integrate with any style of furniture.


Among the main trends of 2022 the great presence of organic shapes, soft and curved.
The appeal of nature is reflected not only in the use of materials and colors but also in the choice of furnishing accessories with round, enveloping and soft shapes that are inspired by organic and natural shapes. Forms that evoke feelings of calm, well-being and comfort such as pools and organic saunas, sinuous sofas, seats with rounded shapes.


Soft lighting is increasingly replacing direct lighting from above. Light is in fact a necessary expedient to recreate a softer and more integrated thermal environment. Once again the use of natural light will be a key trend for design lighting of spa and hotel. The wellness paths will be designed to take advantage of natural light and thus provide a connection with the outdoor environment.


The colors that distinguish this 2022 are neutral, sober, reassuring and versatile shades, such as grey, which can be integrated or combined with great ease to warm and bright tones, thus alternating sensations of comfort and relaxation to pure energy. It leans in fact for colors that emphasize the choice of natural materials, with a single goal:  to create a quiet and relaxing place as only nature can be!


Influences from Japan are definitely one of the main spa design trends for 2022. Clear spaces with clean lines that create a perfect balance between colors, light and textures. An oriental atmosphere recreated through the use of neutral colors, earth tones, natural stones, wood, sheets and soft fabrics.