The Upholstery of Lemi Spa beds: How it’s made

Creating excellent products that solve a problem, providing stellar customer service and keeping the manufacturing process in Italy have always been core values at Lemi. That’s why Lemi is involved in every step of the production process, and the equipment is perfected to every last detail. One of the only brands in the industry that has autonomy in the whole manufacturing process, Lemi control everything from the design, to the finishes, the assembly and even the delivery.

This autonomy that Lemi has over the manufacturing process allows, among other tings, a wide range of customization possibilities. In fact, the company offers a vast assortment of colors, materials, finishes, metals and wood products to render each model unique. A prime example of this fact is the upholstery department. All the padded models are hand-finished by highly skilled and experienced upholsterers that constantly strive for perfection, creating extraordinary effects and making each piece special and unique.

It all starts with the materials used to upholster the spa beds and chairs. The base, the foam, the batting and the fabric used are all sourced in Italy ensuring the highest quality.

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The Base

First, the base and the foam are cut to the desired shape. The size and density of the foam is up to each client. Lemi offers three different mattress thicknesses and three mattress widths to choose from. If the options offered are not of your liking, be sure to talk to a Lemi representative, as they will surely be able to build a chair or bed with the exact measurements that you need. Subsequently, the foam, which is guaranteed to be crevice free at the folding points, to ensure proper hygiene, is attached to the base with glue. The batting is then added over the base-foam combination to provide a smooth surface on which to apply the external shell.

The Shell

The outermost layer of material is, first and foremost, cut into pieces by a laser machine using a template with the correct measurements. Then, these pieces are hand sewn together by Lemi’s experts to create one smooth item. This layer is sewn in a way so that there are no sharp edges that could potentially hurt the client or practitioner, and with materials that are easy to clean. Evidently, the color of this element is chosen by the client out of the wide range of options offered by Lemi, or a completely personalized color to enhance the setting in which the bed or chair will be placed. The finish is guaranteed to be done with the utmost care with attention to the smallest details.

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The Final Product

Finally, the inside is attached to the outside by hand by one of the Lemi upholsterers. Using a staple gun, the material is stretched and securely set in its place to make sure that it is wrinkle and crease free. The excess material is cut and the mattress is finished, ready to be mounted on its support.

One of the most unique aspects of Lemi is that, even being one of the leading brands in the industry, with thousands of products being manufactured on a daily basis and expedited all over the world, there is still a sense tradition and artistry in every product that is made. There is an artisanal quality that can be seen in every stitch and in every bolt. No two products are the same, because each piece is individually crafted and created with love. Thanks to the commitment that Lemi has placed on keeping their production process in Italy, they are able to continue to offer unparalleled quality, with completely customizable products that are made with care and built to last a lifetime.

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