The Person in “Personalization”

You know very well that a wellness center needs to have a personal and distinguishable style, different from all the rest. Without it, you just blend amongst all the other establishments.

This is why Lemi offers you a wide range of styles, from classic to more modern ones, but not only that, by choosing Lemi you are also able to choose among finishes, colors and customizable options to make any piece of equipment truly yours.

How does Lemi do it?

Personalization is a word that, when overused, loses all its meaning.
This is a big problem that arises for manufacturers that, like Lemi, have a strong belief in “tailor made” design and are continuously struggling to distinguish themselves from those who merely throw around the word “personalization” without delivering on said promise. The only way that Lemi knows how to show their clients that, thanks to a tradition that spans over twenty years, their passion for creating truly personalized solutions for each Spa and wellness center is not just talk but a founding pillar of who they are is to show them.

If you who are still unable to “see” this, here are a number of examples that will help you understand the scope of Lemi’s operations. Every project starts in the research and development department, where Lemi has been using an advanced 3D design program for nearly eighteen years. This program evaluates all the possible movements and overall dimensions of each spa bed or chair. A prototype is only produced after a careful study of the 3D model in order to ensure that customers won’t bear any of the costs for the development of prototypes that aren’t ultimately transformed into finished products. This means that for the end customer, it is truly zero cost research. After the approval of the design, Lemi manufactures them in-house at its own Azzanello facility: a veritable mechanical workshop that is fully equipped with state of the art tools, three welding robots, as well as a bending machine and a laser cutting machine for the tubes.

For Lemi a bed’s exterior appearance is just as important as its mechanical performance, that’s why they even take care of the upholstering at the specialized department, located at the Casalbuttano headquarters in the north of Italy.

It’s the complete control over the production chain that even allows Lemi to seriously discuss personalization with their customers. If it were not for the fact that the company’s headquarters has stayed in the same region for over 20 years and that the manufacturing, assembly and upholstery sites are in Italy, and under Lemi’s control there would be no way they could offer the extent of customization that they do.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Lets look at a few examples of how Lemi has helped their clients produce 100% custom products. For Lemi, notoriety is synonymous with success, and they see these achievements as “notorious” because every one of them was carried out with absolute perfection.

— Adriana Karembeu

The Slovakian model needed a spa bed that matched the color “cyclame,” the exact color of her “Silicium” cosmetics line. She chose the spa bed Centrun, which turned into Centrun XL due to the dimension alteration because of her height.

— Aesthetica

For this client, the Gemya model underwent a “creme” transformation and was fitted with the Centrun mattress. “Claudia Berti” Institut de Beauté The white Lemi 4 turned XL for the “Claudia Berti” Institut de Beauté, Ansitz hotel. This hotel in the Dolomites requested the color therapy functionality be added to the Journey Table.

— Simon Keller Ag

The Swiss wellness company wanted the Podo Dream unit with psychedelic Skai upholstery.

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Lemi also gives their customers the opportunity to select the hardness of the rubber in the mattress itself to their liking. In Lemi’s experience, pushing the concept of the “tailor made product” to the extreme results in very positive results in terms of customer satisfaction. It’s not only about being able to create your own spa bed or chair from scratch -which is great! – It’s about being able to choose a bed that perfectly suits your needs, even if it already exists, and being able to choose the perfect finish and color so it looks absolutely spot on with the rest of your equipment.

At Lemi, the person for whom the product is for is always considered to be more important than the personalization itself, which is the reason the customization range on each product is so extensive. Shying away from the cookie-cutter style other companies seem to offer, Lemi believes in being able to customize what you buy to suit you and your needs.

Thanks to the autonomy that Lemi has, customization is easy.

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