The Benefits of having a Multiroom in a Spa

The future of Spas and wellness centers looks brighter thanks to Lemi’s EVO line.
That might sound like a simple marketing slogan, but it’s a lot more than that. Like with all Lemi equipment, the first moment that any product starts to distinguish itself from the rest, is during the pre-design process. What is the idea? Why did Lemi come up with a new and improved line? In EVO’s case, the answer is one word: multiroom.

The flexibility of your treatment room is important, because the more services you can perform in a single room, the more treatments you can offer your clientele while keeping the same costs. That’s why Lemi offers you equipment for your multirooms.

The Benefit of Multiroom

Multirooms are a growing necessity for Spas and wellness centers. Space restrictions and the need to optimize services due to the decrease of time that the client disposes of leads to a concentration of a lot of different services in a very
small amount of time. Sound familiar? To deal with this situation, of course you need equipment that is adapted for this new way of doing business.

Of course, it’s not only a matter of comfort for you and your practitioners; it’s also a matter of profit. Providing a wide range of treatments in a single room, with the same equipment, means you can offer more treatments keeping the costs at a minimum, increasing your revenue. At Lemi, the success of your business is important. It is, in fact, what drives the innovation and quality of the products that are manufactured; it’s what Lemi calls: Profit Design.

With this in mind, Lemi has created a variety of solutions for ‘multirooms’ with the EVO line. This line allows you to offer all kinds of face and body treatments as well as massage services with the same equipment. The three different Spa beds:
Versus, Florence and Sereneya are all armed with three series electric motors giving you the ability to adjust the height and the inclination of the backrest and the seat.
Not only that, this line also has the HBS stress release system, assuring maximum comfort for both client and practitioner and is perfectly ergonomic for the head, shoulders and back. The arm supports are adjustable with the gas spring offering greater relaxation.

Why Lemi?

There are, evidently, a million options to choose from out there. Being versatile isn’t going to bring Lemi above the competition. That’s why, like with every other product, Lemi offers you a lot more than merely an adaptable Spa bed. Certified 100% Made in Italy, Lemi prides itself for using the highest quality materials sourced from all over the country.

The quality of the components combined with the revered Italian design gives you a product that is not only functional, but also amazing to look at. Lemi is the only brand that allows you to fully customize each and every aspect of your equipment. If you were to do the math (don’t worry, we did it for you!) you’d realize that you have two hundred and twenty combinations to choose from when you buy a spa bed from Lemi. From the type of wood finish to the color and thickness of the mattress, Lemi makes it work for you and your needs.

The world is changing, and so is the way Spas and wellness centers do business.
Clients have less time available and you have to adjust to what they need. Having a treatment room equipped to offer a variety of services is a great way to drive revenue while keeping costs low. That’s why Lemi created the EVO line. See the results for yourself!