Sustainable spa: 5 tips to make your business greener

Running an eco-friendly beauty salon or a sustainable spa respects the planet and the environmental concerns of the new generations. It might sound difficult, but a few simple steps are all it takes to start reducing your environmental footprint. Read on to find out more.

Sustainable spas and green beauty salons: here’s why you should embrace the trend

A growing number of consumers are starting to adapt their behaviour towards respect for the environment and its resources, and in this context, a sustainable spa or eco-friendly beauty salon is a popular choice in the wellness and beauty field.

However, deciding to make your salon or spa sustainable is not just a matter of ethics and marketing: good green practices can also have a positive impact on energy consumption, lowering operational costs and thus bringing more opportunity for profits.

Eco-friendly beauty salons and sustainable spas: 5 key tips

To create a sustainable spa or reduce the environmental impact of a beauty salon you don’t need to completely overturn the way you do things; with a little care and the desire to change, you can obtain notable improvements even with seemingly minor adjustments. Here are five ways to approach the goal of running a sustainable spa or beauty salon:

  1. Pay attention to the lighting
  2. For ambient lighting choose LEDs which, despite the higher initial cost than conventional light bulbs, can last up to 50 times longer. What’s more, by choosing a dimmable option, you can create the ideal relaxing atmosphere in any situation.

  3. Install reduced-flow taps
  4. Installing flow reducers and aerators on taps for washbasins, showers and workstations allows you to minimise water waste while helping to reduce consumption (and costs).

  5. Choose sustainable furnishings and equipment
  6. The furniture and workstations of a green beauty salon or a sustainable spa should also fulfil certain criteria. 70% of Lemi massage tables and wooden items, for example, are made using FSC-certified wood, free from synthetic colouring and toxic materials.

  7. Limit waste production
  8. Make sure the single-use accessories you use every day are biodegradable or sustainable. For items that don’t fall into this category, choose suppliers that offer “nude” shipping or recyclable packaging.

  9. Choose sustainable textiles
  10. The fabrics used in a sustainable spa should always be made in natural fibres, which are greener in terms of both production process and maintenance (unlike synthetic fabrics, they don’t shed microplastics).

wooden and sustainable massage tables details

Sustainable spa: the Lemi solutions

For Lemi, sustainability is a compelling necessity (read more about our eco-friendly approach here). For this reason, as well as using mainly FSC-certified wood, we’ve selected a range of new finishes that use renewable natural materials, and we’ve created VITA, a new line of colours that are 90% recyclable. Click here to browse our catalogue.