Spa trends: five treatments that have to be on your list

What are the new spa trends, and what are customers looking for in the best beauty salons? Five unmissable proposals.

The new spa trends reflect ongoing changes in the world: the pandemic increased our interest in health and care of the body, geopolitical upheaval leads us to seek oases of wellness where we can find calm and balance, while an inclination towards self care among millennials is generating new market niches. Read on to discover five spa trends to keep an eye on.

  1. Spa trends: holistic treatments

The most popular spa services are definitely holistic courses of treatment, genuine all-round wellness experiences that aim to make you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. So the focus is no longer simply on deep relaxation as abandonment of stress, but rather a state of all-over wellbeing that stimulates body and mind to recover their capacity for balance and self-rejuvenation.

  1. Spa trends: cold therapy

Cryotherapy or cold therapy has quickly topped the rankings of spa trends. It’s an ancient practice that harnesses the benefits of low temperatures to relieve muscles and joints, improve the complexion, slow the metabolism and combat ageing.

  1. Popular spa treatments: 60+ services

The over-60s are a consumer segment that merits attention. In fact, along with millennials, they are the group of potential customers most interested in wellness and beauty, but that’s not all: in this group there are many high-spending consumers with a relaxed budget, willing to invest in popular spa treatments formulated specifically to meet their needs.

  1. Spa trends: multi-sensory experiences

Research in neuroscience and neuroaesthetics explains that the senses are the foundations of a complete and satisfying human experience. This knowledge has led to the introduction of multi-sensory spa trends, which can engage multiple receptors simultaneously (for example, massage with chromotherapy, music and essential oils, followed by a herbal infusion, can pleasantly engage all five senses).

  1. Spa trends: personalised experiences

From food supplements to breakfast mixes, streaming services to special offers, today the personalisation of products and services has become a key requisite. For this reason, the most popular spa trends include bespoke experiences, designed to fulfil the needs, desires and aims of the individual customer on the basis of a questionnaire or interview.

spa trends and treatments

Spa trends: choose sustainability with Lemi

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