Spa Equipment Made in Italy

Italy is known for its beauty, its food and of course, its designers. Italian design has been the epitome of elegance and quality for decades and at Lemi it is no different. Drawing from years of tradition, at Lemi we strive to honor our history and produce the highest quality products full of grace, luxury and evidently, functionality. That’s why Lemi has been certified as 100% Made in Italy because all the manufacturing and all the major suppliers are Italian.

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Creating a spa bed or armchair that is both beautiful and functional is no easy feat.
But, fortunately, at Lemi, the manufacturing and creative process is lead, first and foremost by you and your needs in the field. It’s what we call Profit Design. The collaboration with industry leaders and experts allows the incorporation of new ideas that translate into innovative tools that increase your productivity and consequently, your profits. Lemi is constantly out in the market asking questions and continually answering back with innovation and creativity.

Lemi’s greatest assets is by far, its staff: with all their experience, talent and passion, they are the ones that allow Lemi to continually and consistently exceed our, but more importantly, your, expectations. The care and love that they put into each product shows in the incredible details you’ll find in anything you buy. Every chair, table or auxiliary table is treated as a unique piece and not just one more on the assembly line. From sketch to finished product, each piece of equipment that exits our factory is handle with affection until it reaches its rightful owner.

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Lemi’s objective is to be continually innovating and staying in-sync with the market. This means, of course, staying in tune with styles as well. That is why aesthetic research is as important as function. There is no use in having a perfectly functional piece of equipment, if it is not pleasing to the eye or in tune with modern aesthetics. And of course, no two Spas or wellness centers are the same, which is the reason our customization range on each product is so extensive.
Shying away from the cookie-cutter style of other companies that all seem to offer the same generic equipment, Lemi believes in being able to customize what you buy to suit you and your needs. Thanks to the autonomy that Lemi has, customization is easy. Not only that, you will also love the finishing details and the upholstery, done by hand, that you will be able to choose from.

The spa beds are made with a wide range of characteristics. From stationary massage tables to fully adaptable beauty chairs, you will definitely find something that works for you. However, Lemi Spa bed are not merely beds, tables or chairs, they are tools that provide you with the means to maximize your Spa’s potential.
Imagine being able to give your client a completely multisensory experience customized to their taste with aromatherapy, chromo therapy and soothing sounds that are integrated directly into the spa bed. No more having to multitask or have a thousand different machines cluttering your space. It’s all here, ready for you to use. This is yet, another example of Profit Design. Being able to invest in one, multifaceted tool means you spend less time trying to make things work and more time working and making a profit.

In conclusion, Lemi boasts of a vast wealth of knowledge, creativity and cutting-edge solutions that place technology and innovation at the service of comfort, functionality and design, to offer you the best product with the best productivity.

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