Spa: benefits for the body and mind

Everyday life can be stressful due to a busy schedule, such as keeping the house in order, looking after the family and meeting deadlines at work. These stressors have a major impact not only on your body, but also on your mental health. For this reason, investing in rest and relaxation should not be considered a luxury for the few, but a real act of self-love. Spa treatments can offer you a pleasant way to free yourself from too much stress and finally help your body and mind to relax.

How does the spa help improve mental and physical health?

A Spa offers a peaceful and relaxing environment capable of bringing you to an absolutely celestial world every time you cross the threshold into the hall. You have a wide range of services to choose from such as thermal baths, face and body treatments, massages, saunas, whirlpools and much more. This can improve your mental and physical health. Let’s see in detail what are the main benefits you can have.

  • Helps with muscle pains: Pain in the muscles, joints or bones can be relieved with various spa treatments. It can range from hot water of the whirlpool to specific practices such as massotherapy. The latter mainly helps to soothe stiffness and muscle wasting and relax the nerves. All you have to do is put yourself in expert’s hands on one of the massage beds in the Spa.


  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression: If you suffer from anxiety or depression, spa treatments may be for you. Indulging yourself with at least two relaxing massages a month is of fundamental importance if you want to beat stress and balance hormone production. The latter, in turn, helps with the well-being of your mind, body and soul.


  • Contributes to boosting energy and mood: When you wake up and feel sad and feeble, spa therapy can boost energy, improve your mood and increase dopamine levels. The experience of spending a couple of days in a Spa, doing physical activity in a pleasant and effortless way, will allow you to get a real charge of energy to face your daily commitments at best.


  • Keeps your skin healthy: The skin is regularly exposed to pollutants and chemicals present in the products we use every day. This can make it stressed and cause acne and blemishes. Spa treatments, such as cleansing and face masks promote blood flow and rejuvenate your skin.


  • Contribute a better night’s sleep: Stressed people are very likely to have difficulty falling asleep. This can make their condition worse and, in rarer cases, could lead to hypertension problems.During and after a spa session your mind is relaxed and calm. The heat of the water in some hydrotherapy sessions helps to increase the body temperature which, in turn, relaxes the muscles and soothes the tension in the body. Enjoy a treatment “in the rain” with Lemi’s Nettuno bed and improve the quality of your sleep in just a few hours of Spa treatment.

There are different types of Spas that offer countless wellness packages: from a single day up to the whole week complete with wellness services designed specifically for you. Now that you have read some of the most important benefits that the Spa can offer to your body and mind, all you have to do is choose the date and dedicate yourself to your well-being!