Safety of fabrics

For over 30 years LEMI has given priority to protection and safety in the study of each new product, in both choosing the design and defining the materials that make it up.

Today in particular, we have to face the issue of safety, often underestimated or taken for granted. The people using our products must be able to find themselves in a state of absolute relaxation, which is why LEMI constantly reinvents itself trying to undertake a “wellness path” for the senses: touch, smell, hearing.

What about the feeling of safey?

Too often, we take this factor for granted, which is actually the most important thing. The sense of safety makes us more peaceful and willing to change, allows us to see things with clarity and, above all, gives us the opportunity to fully experience every moment.

For this reason, LEMI wanted to work hard to find optimal solutions for customer safety, starting from what is the very first direct contact: the bed fabrics.

Studying the possibilities of market, in 2010 LEMI decided to equip its products with Nefos vinyl leather fabric, then integrating the choice options in 2016 with the Spa Prestige vinyl leather line. This is because both facric lines are made through production processes involving an antimicrobial additive technology.

Studies show that fabrics treated with this technology are up to 99.9% resistant to harmful bacteria.

A high level of hygiene is essential not only in spas, but also and foremost in the medical environment. This kind of technology was in fact chosen by LEMI for its Beauty&Spa line as well as its Medical & Podiatry line. That’s why, thanks to its resistance to harmful bacteria up to 99.9% and creating a long-lasting hygienic protection just like a “shield”, it represents the most suitable choice also in the hospital.

What does it mean?

It means that the exceptional result that derives from it is a sanitized fabric with a permanent effect, whose matrix guarantees safety from any contamination thanks to the antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mold effect, which protects the coating from fungal attacks that can cause damage or bad smells, for the entire product’s life cycle. The antimicrobial additive technology protects the fibers without changing their characteristics, thus preserving their freshness for longer, contrasting the effects of usury and washing over time.

The peculiarity of these coatings has allowed LEMI to give further value to its products, since thanks to this technology, the cleaning phase of Nefos and Spa Prestige vinyl leather fabrics does not require the use of sanitizing products but requires the use of a soft cloth moistened and soapy, to be rinsed simply with clean water.

A clean and sanitized environment is not only healthy for our body but, above all, for our mind. Having a Spa experience knowing that you can totally abandon yourself to the expert hands of those who have studied everything to make this moment of WELLNESS real and complete is an act of trust that LEMI recognizes as a reason (perhaps the most valid) to always improve itself.


Now more than ever we have in mind how much a constantly sanitized and disinfected Spa environment is fundamental for the health and safety of both those who work there and guests who want to enjoy the Spa experience. The latter need to be in a a place that conveys a sense of security and protection to them, that’s why it is important to keep spaces and rooms visibly clean, ventilated and bright, since not only will they be more appreciated aesthetically but they will contribute to making guests’ stay in the Spa an experience of total relax.

For this reason, LEMI wanted to make SPA SHIELD available to support the work of the therapists, giving them the opportunity to create a safe space that allows them to perform freely, while making the client feel comfortable during the treatment within the cabin.