Professional equipment for beauticians: how to furnish the cabin

When it comes to professional equipment for beauticians, there are some functional items that are absolutely essential for optimal service provision. We take an in-depth look at the must-have accessories and equipment for beauty salons.

Professional equipment for beauticians: the importance of style

Every beauty centre has a focus on aesthetics: that’s why it’s crucial that all the professional beauticians’ equipment is not only functional but also visually attractive. In fact, to create a refined and relaxing environment it’s essential that every piece of furniture is in harmony with the style of the place.

Beauticians’ equipment: 5 essentials

Below are five items of furniture that are essential equipment for an aesthetically pleasing and functional cabin:
  1. cabinet with washbasin: essential for storing tools and equipment, this item allows you to create an excellent multifunctional station. A washbasin unit with a combination of closed and open sections allows less attractive objects and products to be hidden, while leaving more decorative or functional elements such as towels and soap on view;
  2. storage trolley: a handy wheeled cabinet that’s perfect for containing and storing the beauty equipment that always needs to be at hand. Ideal for storing and arranging everything necessary for epilation, for example, the trolley can be easily moved from one side of the cabin to the other, ensuring maximum convenience and agility for operators;
  3. multi-purpose trolley: the trolley combines storage space with important beauticians’ equipment that’s needed in the cabin. An excellent example is the Lemi T-Vapo model, equipped with an LED lamp, a biconvex magnifying glass, a vaporiser with an automatic timer, and built-in ozone and aromatherapy options;
  4. ergonomic stool: when considering the equipment needed by a beautician, it’s important to pay attention to the seat. Since some treatments require operators to spend a lot of time in the same position, it’s essential that the cabin has a comfortable and easy to handle stool that can be adjusted to the user’s height;
  5. multi-purpose treatment chair: a valuable item with a focus on cross-selling for beauty centres with limited space, a multi-purpose chair revolutionises the functionality of the cabin by incorporating different professional beauticians’ equipment in a single location. For example, Lemi Beauty line chairs can be used in a wide range of positions, including the option of a horizontal bed.
Professional equipment for beauticians:

Suppliers of equipment for beauticians: the Lemi offer

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