Like home: a few tips to make your massage center more welcoming

Given the constant growth of the beauty centers and spa industry, customers’ expectations have risen in terms of the service quality. Meeting customer’s needs is one of the main goals of any business and this is also for beauty centers indeed. Those who book a massage session at your beauty center expect to get a comfortable and positive treatment from beginning to end. As a result, you should make sure that your customer care, treatments and the environment of the beauty salon itself are all up to their expectations. Even if you think you took care of everything, perhaps you are wrong! Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of your customers and their point of view? Have you ever lain on any of your massage tables to check whether it is effectively comfortable? We from Lemi have thought of some little but valuable tips to make your massage center friendlier.

Make a good first impression

 As you know, the first impression is essential. The customers setting foot in your beauty salon expect to meet a cheerful and willing staff capable of making them feel at ease. People come to your beauty center to relax and feel better, that’s why small gestures such as taking their coat and offering them some water or coffee can matter when it’s all about creating the right atmosphere. Likewise, when they are about to leave after treatment, make sure that you give them a warm goodbye so that they feel like you can’t wait to see them again. Such simple tricks are very helpful to guarantee your customers a proper service from the very beginning. First impressions are hardly forgotten and so you may never have a second chance to make them change their mind.

Create a friendly atmosphere

 When it comes to creating a friendly atmosphere, it’s not all about the staff’s attitude but also interior design. From the waiting room to the massage room, ask yourself these questions: are the tables comfortable enough? Are the treatment chairs high quality? Furnishing your salon with great care will bring an important added value to your corporate brand. You may choose dim lights, candles, scented oils and soft music: all these factors will help to create the general atmosphere and your customer will feel more at ease.

Cleaning is fundamental

 First of all, make sure that you carry out the hygienic routine tasks completly and all decor and design items are in the right place. Customers don’t like being in a place that is a mess where they are supposed to spend some of their time devoted to their health. It is strictly necessary to clean and sanitize stools, tables, trolleys, chairs and any other equipment used by your customers after each session. Generally speaking, if you pay attention to all these things, your customers will feel happier and most importantly in a safer place.