LEMI: new branch opening in UK

A growing market

Lemi, a leading Italian company in the production of massage tables, chairs and multifunction cabins for the Beauty & Spa, podiatry and medical sectors, has recently announced the opening of a new branch in the United Kingdom, precisely in London, in 2023. The goal is to improve the company’s performance in the market, managing customers more efficiently and offering an even faster and more effective support service.

The decision to expand into the United Kingdom was made considering the enormous growth potential that the British market offers in the wellness and personal care sector: the United Kingdom is indeed one of the most important and growing markets in the spa industry, with an ever-increasing number of wellness centres, luxury hotels, and aesthetic clinics requiring high-quality equipment and products, such as those offered by Lemi.

Closer to customers for a direct support service

The new branch will allow the company to be closer to its British customers, offering a more personalized and faster service. In fact, the opening of an office in the United Kingdom will allow more direct and immediate access to the trends and innovations of the local market, thus giving LEMI the possibility to develop and offer products and solutions that are increasingly in line with customer needs.

One of the most crucial aspects of Lemi’s expansion into the United Kingdom concerns after-sales support. The company is renowned for its commitment to providing excellent customer service, aiming to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its clients. Thanks to its direct presence in the British territory, Lemi will be able to offer an even faster and more efficient support service, promptly addressing any issues or needs related to the products supplied.

Made in Italy training 

The new London branch will also be a reference point for training and updating industry professionals on specific topics related to the use of Lemi equipment. In this way, the company intends to actively contribute to the growth and professionalisation of the sector in the United Kingdom, promoting the dissemination of best practices and innovations in the field of wellness and personal care.

From a marketing and communication perspective, the company will be able to highlight the added value of the Italian brand as well as the distinctive features of its products in terms of quality, design and innovation.

International growth 

The opening of the London branch is a further step forward in the international growth and development of Lemi, which already boasts a presence in over 100 countries worldwide through a network of authorized distributors, as well as 2 branches opened in 2015 in Dubai and in 2019 in Miami. This expansion into the UK confirms the company’s ambition to become a global reference point in the wellness and personal care sector, thanks to the excellence of its products and its ongoing commitment to researching and developing innovative solutions.

In conclusion, this new opening represents the ability of LEMI company to seize the opportunities offered by international markets and adapt to the different needs of customers, consolidating its position as a leader in the wellness and personal care sector, contributing to the development and to disseminate best practices and innovations in this field.

A new face in LEMI team: Anna Histed 

The opening of the London branch also coincides with a strategic choice by Lemi in human resources. The company has appointed Anna Histed as Head of Sales across the UK. Anna enthusiastically accepted the proposal, bringing with her a solid experience in the Beauty & Wellness sector given by her extensive experience in the Beauty & Wellness sector.

Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the market and her sales and marketing skills, Anna Histed represents a valuable asset for Lemi, in fact her presence will help consolidate the company’s position in the UK, ensuring sustainable expansion and effective penetration of the local market.

Anna will be a point of reference for British customers, offering advice and support in choosing the most suitable products and solutions for their needs. Furthermore, due to her experience in the sector, she will be able to identify new growth and development opportunities for the company, contributing to the evolution of Lemi’s offer and the affirmation of the brand in the international panorama of Beauty & Wellness.

Anna Histed’s addition to the team confirms Lemi’s commitment to investing in high-level human resources, capable of bringing added value to the company and making the business grow in compliance with the corporate vision that characterizes the Italian brand. With the opening of the London branch and the appointment of Anna Histed as Head of sales, Lemi is poised to write a new chapter of success in its history of entrepreneurship and innovation.