Lemi 3D Project

In Lemi we offer the exclusive “Lemi 3D Project” service and we are able to understand and satisfy any specific request. Our strength is our know-how in the international Spa Consultant field, which allows us to respond to any kind of need from clients and from the market.

We offer a professional service of designing and creating 3D environments in high definition, with an inner department specialized in the effective presentation of projects, to help the client, either architect or private, to obtain a commercial product with great visual appeal.

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In order to do that, we are specialized in the production of very good photorealistic 3D renderings, by managing internally the whole creative process: from 3D design and reconstruction of environments and scenes, to their realistic three-dimensional view with lights, shadows and materials to achieve a high level of realism.

High definition photorealistic renderings represent an important and flexible visual possibility, suitable for different purposes. Thanks to the rendering, even the most unfamiliar client will be able to see and understand the different phases of the project, relating to a sort of virtual reality in which the volumes, furnishings, functional spaces and accessories are defined and displayed when they do not yet exist. The customer is able to get involved, make his own comments and directly participate in the design process, with the right to express any doubt or request, so that we can comply totally with his own requests.

The design process consists of 4 phases:

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2D Design

The design begins with putting the spaces provided by the customer on a CAD file. Starting from information received, we are able to place all of our equipment within the project area.

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We obtain a high-quality photorealistic image with a powerful professional rendering engine.

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We continue recreating 3D models of environments and supplies, mapping materials starting from information received.

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The image is subsequently processed with an image editor in order to further optimize the rendering and make it communicatively perfect for the purpose. If required, it is also possible to insert the photo in the real context.