Improve the comfort of the client

Spas, massage centers, beauty centers are more than just places for personal care. They are real temples to escape where the client can relieve the stress of everyday life, for some cuddles, or simply feel better.

Then, a good practitioner is expected to go far beyond the performance, but take into account many other factors that can foster the positive perception of an enriching and rejuvenating experience.

Details, precautions, good practices that turn a simple service into something more. The client will feel special and at home, glad to return as soon as possible.

In addition to the high quality service, loyalty is an advantage that we will get from little things. A reward for both sides.


Let’s see together what to do in detail to make the experience in our one-of-a-kind center.


The importance of the environment

The environment should be studied in every detail as every single element that composes it and furnishes it, from furniture to light distribution, is part of the treatment itself.

The cognitive experience merges with the physical one, generating a unicum that must be considered as a whole. The choice of the spa beds, or the chairs, must focus on specialized products for this scope, made with comfortable materials and at the same time easy to clean and maintain.

In addition to the furniture, the attention must be paid to the entire cabin, which must be perfectly in order, as if you were using it for the first time.


If you do not put back creams, cosmetics, towels, skin products in the correct place, even not necessarily used previously, you may look untidy and careless, two factors that for most clients may spoil an otherwise pleasant experience.

The room must therefore be anonymous, in a positive sense. An unspoiled place dedicated exclusively to the well-being of every single client. Being able to create this perception is very important.


Importance of light, scent and fragrance

In addition to order and cleanliness, a special attention is to be paid to the distribution of light. The benefits of light in the positive perception of the environment are many.

In domestic settings, the right distribution of natural light helps to feel more welcome, reducing stress in everyday life. Recreating a setting of this kind will help to make the client feel at home.

However we must find the right balance. Too much light could be stacked against us. Keeping a light that is not excessively strong on warm pastel tones will improve not only the sense of comfort, but also the sense of privacy and isolation of the cabin from the rest of the world. The result? The clients will let themselves go much more easily, fully enjoying the experience.

Try to decorate the room with scented candles. In addition to ensuring a charming and relaxing lighting, another sense will stand up for your cause: the sense of smell.

The power of scents and perfume is incredible. The sense of smell is in fact among those most receptive and related to the emotional sphere and memories. The client will be carried to another dimension.


Temperature and oxygen

It may seem trivial to remember, but the temperature must also be regulated wisely. Make sure that the clients benefit from the so called “thermal comfort”, i.e. the thermal condition in which they feel neither hot nor cold. They naturally relax, like at home.

Ensuring thermal comfort in working settings of this kind is therefore essential to ensure the client a physical and psychological well-being. However, especially in massage centers, the temperature should be kept slightly higher.

It is also important to specify that heat does not mean absence of oxygen, which must still be present in abundance.

It is essential to air out the environment in-between one session and another as well as restore the environmental anonymity mentioned above.
You will be more likely to use products with a rather intense smell and make sure it will vanish right after each treatment.


Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning

We will keep saying how important this factor is. We talked on another occasion about all the hygienic precautions which a perfect center should take and in the treatment cabin you must strive for perfection.

It is important that the sheets and blankets are disposable. It may be an important issue in terms of expenses, but they are elements that come in close contact with the clients and therefore influence what their feelings are.

Each cloth must not only be perfectly clean, but also sterilized, to ensure in addition to the high level of hygiene, also total safety. Certainly an extra expense, but at the same time a perfect investment, which will push the client to return to a place with extreme attention to detail.


The client is unique

Finally, the “relational precautions” can really make a difference.

Once we are sure that our environment is perfect in everything to make the client feel at home, the icing on the cake can only be the human component.

Calling the clients by name will make them feel even more welcome, pampered. We will gain in intimacy, recreating also from this point of view the warmth of a family place, where you can feel not only at ease, but even special.

We avoid haste, but give everyone the chance to enjoy a well-groomed and perfect treatment.

Finally, we learn to listen to the client with whom we will spend time during the treatment, in order to build a real tailor-made experience, enriched by the human relationship. Our keen attitude towards the clients’ needs and expectations will make them feel unique.