How to prevent backache at work: a guide for beauticians

Every day, many beauticians wonder how to avoid getting backache at work. Postures adopted during treatments, physical force and unavoidable immobility in certain situations can all too often cause stiffness, contraction and other irritating symptoms in the back. Obviously, these negative consequences affect the worker first and foremost, but they also impact the business, which risks losing staff, and the customers, who are unable to receive the excellent services only a healthy practitioner can provide.

Find out how to prevent backache at work in the beauty salon by following our advice.

How to avoid backache at work: 5 tips for workers in beauty salons or spas

Below we share five handy tips for anyone facing the challenge of how to prevent backache at work in a beauty salon or spa:

  1. Use a posture that prevents backache: feet on the ground, the lumbar area straight, and make sure the knees are in line with the hips or just below;
  2. Adjust the height of your seat: the ideal position for an adjustable chair or stool varies not only with the workstation in use but also with the procedures to be carried out; make sure you’re always in the most comfortable and convenient position to make movement as natural as possible;
  3. Adjust the height of the massage table: just like the chair, the treatment table should always guarantee a comfortable posture that avoids pressure on the spine, shoulders and arms;
  4. Do some stretching throughout the day: between appointments, set aside 2-5 minutes to walk around, bend the knees, stretch the back and relax the arms;
  5. Pay attention to shoes: as beauticians spend a lot of time standing, it’s always advisable to wear comfortable shoes, if necessary with orthopedic insoles.

Height-adjustable massage table: here’s why it’s irreplaceable

For wellness professionals, backache is unfortunately far too common. If you want to protect your own health and that of your employees, we recommend considering a height-adjustable massage table, a workstation that helps the person delivering the treatment to assume the correct posture and avoid pain and irritation.

Unlike fixed tables, in fact, a height-adjustable massage table allows the beautician to find the correct position for each procedure and angle the surface differently, thus avoiding pain caused by lengthy sessions in a single, non-ergonomic position. 

Adjustable massage tables: the Lemi solutions

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