How to make up branding in your beauty center in 2021

The current Covid-19 pandemic has brought a great deal of changes throughout the business world, even more so in the Beauty and Spa sector. People spend much more time on the Net and their needs and preferences now more than ever have changed. As a consequence, you would be better updating your corporate marketing plan so as to make sure that it’s fit for trends within the sector. Marketing for wellness centers is a thorny sssue unlike other types of business as you should be able to detect and afterwards meet every single need of your clients.


All you should do to be successful is to lay firm foundations for your trademark, attract new clients and improve customer loyalty. Lemi team would like to suggest a few strategies and tips about how to improve your beauty center in 2021.

Marketing strategies for beauty centers

Usually a brand is made of several elements: colors, images, logo, furniture, services offered and lots more. You should not find it so difficult to make up your branding if you perfectly know what you expect your clients to feel in your beauty salon. Basically, it’s all about creating trust and empathy between the clients and you. The former choose your beauty salon as they need comfort, wellbeing, happiness and tranquillity: this is exactly what you should offer them. If you do, the guests will enjoy a successful experience and think highly of your beauty salon.

Therefore, let’s see a few marketing strategies that you may put in place to become a leader in your field.

  • Website and social network: having a website for your own estethic center is for sure a vital requirement for your branding in 2021. Take your time to look for the right professional to entrust to build the layout of your website and make sure he’s user-friendly and expert in Especially in the Beauty sector the first impression is what matters; that’s why an apparently old or out-of-touch website won’t help you stand out in the eyes of your loyal clients. A website is a real opportunity to transfer online your working reality but be careful: make sure that the way you act doesn’t clash with the brand identity and not to dismiss any positive reviews from your loyal clients. Obviously, being active on the most popular social media like Instagram and Facebook will help you raise the profile of your business;


  • Online booking: as nowadays everything is managed online, have you ever thought of digitalizing your appointment booking system? If you haven’t, you should definitely give it some thought! Dealing with booking schedule and reschedule certainly takes loads of time, however you could trust the technology to do the dirty work. Having an online booking system makes it all easier and faster as this allows you to keep a well-organized timetable in every detail: first name, last name, time and preferences about the services your client requires into a single platform;


  • Influencer marketing: the influencer marketing has gained a remarkable impact on business over the past few years. For this reason, small and large businesses increasingly turn to influencers to promote their trademark and raise awareness of the brand among people. For the sake of your beauty center, you just need the influencer to post a picture in which he looks clearly relaxed during a pleasant beauty treatment lying down on one of your beds or a short video in which he sits on a stool in the waiting room of your salon and you’re done. Ideally, he should mention you in the post or stories he creates on social networks and, like magic, your business will become well-known;


  • Targeted offers according to the period: making targeted offers based on festivities (like Christmas or Easter) can be another method of making up branding for your own esthetic center. For example, you could put some slimming treatments on promotion for the upcoming summertime or advertize beauty packages (manicure and facial cleansing) at a special price for holiday season.

These are just some of the many improvements that you could carry out in order to update the marketing plan for your beauty center. Rely on us, follow our suggestions and you will find the right way to go.