How to choose a beauty bed

 Whatever the beauty center or spa is, the beauty bed is certainly the most important tool for two reasons:

  • it is where customers will lie down and is supposed to ensure maximum comfort
  • it is essential for being successful in performing the most popular treatments such as waxing, depilation, manicure, pedicure. The better the quality of the table, the more successful the therapies.

That’s why it’s fundamental to have a clear idea when looking for the model to buy. The primary objective is to find the bed that best suits your needs and ensures maximum comfort for the customer.

Easier said that done.

Choosing the right model is not easy as you have to keep many factors in mind. To avoid losing yourself and going in blind, here is a clear guide that can be of great help to you.

The important factors to consider when looking for a beauty bed

First of all, the beauty bed should meet some basic criteria. Follow the steps below, one by one, otherwise you risk choosing a mediocre bed and what is more, short-lived. You should be demanding in search for quality. As for beauty beds, consider only the professional ones manufactured by leading companies in the sector boasting many years of expertise. You should stick to this rule when choosing the beauty salon’s decor.

Pay attention to sizes

The first thing you need to do is to compare the sizes of the beauty cabin with those of the bed size. Remember that you must be able to move freely inside it, without any difficulties or any kind of hindrances for both the client and the therapist.

You should not pay so much attention to the length but rather to the width. The bed should neither be too wide nor excessively reduce the space of the room, nor too narrow forcing the customer to dangle his arms from the table.

The fabrics must be top-quality

Once you have outlined the dimensions, it is time to choose the bed fabric. The most common choice is eco-leather because it resists fairly well rubbing and temperature changes. Moreover, it allows to easily remove the stains of massage oils or other aggressive substances contained in cosmetics such as body creams and skin-care products.

Pay attention to this aspect because nobody wants to end up with a bed worn after a few uses.

Another fabric material is fake leather (polyurethane), a very resistant synthetic material, but also soft and delicate in contact with the skin. The only flaw of the fake leather is that it is not completely waterproof and does not resist stains like eco-leather. If you decide to opt for this material, make sure at least to cover it entirely with a sheet.

 Also consider the structure of the table

Wood, aluminum or metal? The question is mainly aesthetic … but not only. Aluminum is very light and resistant, therefore suitable for fairly energetic treatments such as sports massage. The only thing: check that the joints are not plastic because, otherwise, they will be subject to greater wear.

 Check the padding

Padding is important for two reasons:

  • customer’s comfort
  • the resistance to wear of the bed over time

The most important factor to focus on is the foam quality: the higher the quality, the lower the risks of mattress deformation during use, due to the weight of the body.

  • Comfort for the customer: the thicker the padding, the better the comfort for your customer. Memory Foam is the softest and most comfortable padding; it is a particular padding adjusting to the customer’s position.
  • Types of treatments: some treatments require more solid padding. Consequently, it may be useful to have different types of mattresses in your beauty salon, in order to carry out even the most energetic treatments.


Beware of options: they can make the difference in therapies

Some extra accessories can help you perform your activities and treatments better.

For example, the headrest is essential to let the client stretch fully and relax neck and shoulders muscles. So choose a mattress with an American head or, even better, a face hole mattress for back massages.

The roll holder is another element that cannot be missing. For hygienic reasons, given the inflow of customers, it is important to replace the sheet after every session and having a roll holder available makes this much more practical and faster.

Finally, the armrests are also important because they help not to numb the patient’s limbs for a long time. They also improve the patient’s position making it optimal during treatments.

Manual or electric adjustment

Make sure the height of the bed, the backrest inclination, the armrests and the headrest are adjustable manually or electrically.

The heated mattress

This is an advantage that must be considered carefully because it brings greater relaxation to customers. Alternatively, if the heating system is not integrated directly into the beauty bed, you can get an electric blanket. The important thing is to ensure that the customer has maximum thermal comfort. Thanks to the heat, the range of treatments you can perform on your bed becomes wider.

Lights for chromotherapy

Needless to say, the lighting system for chromotherapy plays a significant role as it really influences the individual’s psychophysical state. Adopting and exploiting the benefits of chromotherapy during massages or wellness treatments will work in your favor.

Carefully evaluate each of these aspects and make the best choice!