How to build customer loyalty for your beauty center

Gaining new customers is of vital importance for your beauty center to grow. To make this happen, you should have solid roots at the base and a good marketing strategy. The latter must necessarily include a customer loyalty plan. The way you try to encourage your customers to come back to your salon, the services you offer, the relationship you establish with them as well as the benefits you boast over the competition are all details of a successful customer loyalty strategy. Below are a few but simple tips we would like to give you to gain the trust of your customers as well as possible.

How to gain the trust of your customers and why it is important

Rule number one for every type of business is to keep your customers happy and build a sincere relationship with them. How can you do it? Let’s find it out together!

  1. Choose your target audience: first off, it is important to identify your target audience. Who is the right customer for you? What market niche can you turn to? Without the answers to such questions, you are not able to create accurately a customer loyalty plan; the better defined your audience, the better able you’ll be in interacting with them and make them feel loved;


  1. Create your ideal environment: simply walk around your salon and focus on your feelings and impressions. What do you feel? Is the furniture suitable? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes just as they cross the threshold into your beauty salon and consider what it looks like to them. What if there was something you are not sure about? Change it! You should take into account the equipment and the layout of each space, including the comfort of the treatment chairs and stools in the waiting room, sounds and music inside the spa and even the perfumes, which welcome the customer. After examining all these areas you can detect other points yet to be exploited in order to to delight your customers;


  1. Offer cutting-edge products and services: now more than ever, what customers expect to find in a beauty center are cutting-edge products and services. That’s why you should always keep up to date with the latest industry developments to guarantee top-quality services;


  1. VIP treatments: give each customer the treatment they deserve. A VIP fidelity program can include special prizes and bonus for the most loyal customers. Nothing can make them feel more special but exclusive offers and discounts on specific beauty treatments. Needless to say that you should make sure the treatments you offer are fit for each customer and their habits, whereas an unsuitable service may disappoint them;


  1. Fidelity Card: a fidelity card may turn out to be very helpful. Through a system of collecting points you will be able to make people want to come and vist your salon more often to benefit from your services and treatments; by collecting more and more points, they will be rewarded with a coupon or a free mini-treatment. Remember to advertize your fidelity program in your salon, on your website as well as social network but most of all, make sure your employees are instructed properly about how to register.


These are just some of the countless actions you could take to build customer loyalty for your beauty salon. If you follow our advice, you will reduce marketing costs, expedite the process by word of mouth and certainly get more profits. Remember: establishing true relationships is the key for a successful customer loyalty plan.