Furnishing A Beauty Salon: 6 Products That Can’t Be Missing

Furnishing a beauty salon is one of the most crucial phases because it will contribute to giving a sense and an atmosphere to the space you will work in.

Always bear in mind that the golden rule is to try balancing beauty and functionality, design and practicality. So don’t get caught up in the organizational tension. Rather focus on understanding what your goals are and what you want to specialize in.

If you are determined to open a new beauty center, in addition to meeting your personal design needs, you should be very concerned about making the furniture welcoming and finding the necessary equipment able to provide all the basic beauty treatments for future customers thus increasing their well-being.

If you are overburdened with work and cannot find your way around, here is a short list of the 6 products that should never be missing in a respectable beauty salon.


The basic equipment

A beauty salon, especially if highly specialized in specific and innovative services, in theory requires a lot of equipment.

However, if you are at the beginning you will necessarily have to focus only on the basics and, therefore, consider the equipment that will allow you to perform the treatments that all customers expect to find.

Here is the main equipment that you can set up in the cabins of your beauty salon.


Beauty bed

In the first place, there is an essential element. The bed will be suitable for many treatments: from massages to hair removal, from facial cleansing treatments to mud therapy. Make sure that the beds are possibly certified and made with quality, robust and resistant materials. As a basic line product, you can start with a massage table with electric height adjustment and manual backrest adjustment, so that you can perform different treatments with a single product. If you have a higher budget you can choose a more complete product with totally electric movements. Always keep in mind the possibility of adding accessories to implement the functionality of the bed, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy or heated mattress.


Armchairs for face / pedicure

Multifunctional treatment chairs are a must have if you want to do manicures, pedicures, facials, hair removal and pressure therapy. These chairs can be adjusted in any position and are therefore ideal for both the client’s and the therapist’s comfort; the latter can thus work in perfect ergonomic conditions.


Beauty trolley and stool

These are two pieces of furniture that are essential for the therapists performing the treatments. The trolley is better if made of wood (a material that harmonizes easily with the environment) with silent wheels and, at least, three shelves. Having a trolley means being able to move it easily in the cabin, optimizing the work space even during the treatment.


Professional lamp with magnifying glass

There are treatments that require a lot of precision, such as manicure, pedicure or nail art and a magnifying glass can only be an extra comfort. Better choosing led and floor lamps that can be easily positioned near bed or armchair.


It is essential for one of the most requested treatments in the world of aesthetics: facial cleansing. After cleansing the skin and using a refreshing toning lotion, spraying hot steam is a fundamental step for subsequent manual cleaning and peeling. The vaporizer is available on the market in different versions: tabletop or with stand, analog or digital, with or without ozone which performs a disinfecting action and closes the pores of the skin. For the importance of the vaporizer, Lemi has designed a trolley containing a retractable vaporizer. It is therefore perfect for the multifunctionality of the cabin and it keeps the space tidy and clean. (T-Vapo)

Electric blanket and bed warmer

Always make sure that the temperature of the beauty cabin is high enough as customers in most cases will have to take off their clothes. Another guarantee for their comfort are the electric blankets and the bed warmers which, besides being coadjuvants, enhance the effectiveness of some treatments thanks to the heat.

The fundamental small parts

In a proper beauty salon, you will not only need the equipment to work the right way. For basic services such as waxing, facial cleansing, manicures, pedicures, you will absolutely need the professional set that every beautician must always have on hand. Here are the most important tools:

  • blades
  • eyebrow tweezers
  • thread for Arab hair removal
  • essential oils
  • sludge
  • creams for body, face and hands
  • nail polish
  • UV lamp for gel and acrylic

The actual decor

We talked about the “technical” furniture like tools and accessories that help with the development of beauty and wellness therapies. However, pay attention also to all the furniture that can be noticed even by customers who do not pay much attention to beds, tweezers and vaporizers.

As for interior decoration, you don’t have to manage it all by yourself: do not hesitate to rely on the advice of a professional interior designer.

However you will need some furniture for the entrance, shelves to highlight the products and comfortable chairs for the waiting room. Finally, furnish also every single cabin in order to make it not only functional and complete for professionals, but also comfortable and cozy for customers. Remember mirrors and furniture to keep the towels clean.