Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

Forte Village Resort, set in 47 hectares of beautiful gardens along a white sandy beach on the Sardinian coast, is one of the world’s leading resorts. Specializing in exclusive family experiences, not only in a prime location, offering Michelin-star meals and fun for the whole family, Forte Village Resort also boasts a world-class spa: Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA.

Acquaforte is an all-round facility that offers everything from sports medicine to beauty treatments. It is here, at Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA, that the medical team led by Angelo Cerina has revolutionized the world of thalassotherapy, creating a completely original and effective method to detoxify, rejuvenate and improve the body.

The history of this world famous spa dates back years, perhaps even millennia. Millennia because it was, in fact, here that the ancient Romans could be seen in the splendid city of Nora, a few minutes from the Forte Village Resort, which benefited from the powers of the sea in the thermal baths.

" Our AcquaForte is rated one of the best SPA in the world and winner of several awards. The uniqueness of our SPA undoubtedly lies on thalasso therapy nestling the earth of the green heaven. In order to maintain a service of such high level of excellence and to ensure a complete satisfaction of the growing desire of our world wild clients, the research of exclusivity and high-quality product from around the world is fundamental. With this in mind we have carefully selected LEMI, a company specialized in design and production of dry and wet equipment intended for the best SPA in the world. LEMI experience in the world of health and well-being has allowed the development of AEMOTIO a product and service that our SPA is proud to propose to our clients. For us this represents the best solution guaranteeing the outmost satisfaction of our client. We appreciate the value of the Made in Italy characterized by the LEMI product as well as the Forte Village resort. "
Lorenzo Giannuzzi
CEO & General Manager

In 2016, Forte Village Resort reopened after a complete renovation, including Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA, which allowed them to welcome guests 10 months a year compared to the previous 5 months.

From the spa’s spacious open-plan reception, guests can access the male and female changing rooms, each with their own sauna and access to a 47sqm shared Turkish bath with mosaic tiles and benches. Dressed in stuff and ready to explore, they can walk a path that winds through the gardens, leading to the thalassotherapy circuit and the Kneipp path, or follow a second stone-lined tunnel to the fully equipped 310 sqm gym, the Performance Center, a swimming pool. outdoor with salt water of 54 meters and area for Ayurvedic treatments and garden.

The offers


Acquaforte’s thalassotherapy is based on the revolutionary principle of the power that salt water has at different temperatures and different saline densities.

Immersed in a wonderful garden, the thalassotherapy course consists of six Sardinian seawater pools, with water drawn from just over a hundred meters from the shoreline. The first three pools – at high temperature and high salt concentration – have an extraordinary detox effect.

The last three – with a lower salt concentration and temperature – complete the regeneration program, stabilizing the exchanges between the body and mineral salts.

Beauty Center

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and constant research, Forte Lab’s medical team offers a wide selection of cutting-edge natural beauty treatments for face and body to maintain a radiant and youthful appearance. It is here, at the Beauty Center, that Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA has entrusted Lemi’s and its Aemotio Spa, a cutting-edge multifunctional cabin that offers the most modern treatment techniques, to offer them unparalleled results. Equipped with a heated waterbed for maximum comfort, this Spa bed offers color and aromatherapy, steam baths, Vichy shower and water vibrating massage.

Ayurvedic Park

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine has found a new home in Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA. The result is the splendid Ayurvedic park in the most secluded corner of the garden. Here guests can benefit from massages, yoga and pilates classes.

Massage Physiotherapy

In this part of the Spa, guests can heal with the uniqueness, peace and energy of Acquaforte’s wonderful physiotherapy massages inspired by the principles of holistic philosophy and medicine.

Acquaforte Clinic

Forte Lab, with dr. Angelo Cerina at the helm is what makes Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA different from all other spas in the world. Forte Lab is a state-of-the-art diagnostic center that is essential to monitor guests’ health and ensure thorough medical evaluation and fully personalized recommendations for the best treatments and sporting activity levels.

Performance Center and Gym

The Acquaforte Performance Center is a center of excellence for professional and amateur athletes who want a personalized training strategy to achieve the best results.

Under the guidance of an extraordinary and close-knit team of athletes, sports doctors, masseurs, osteopaths, chiropractors and nutritionists, the Performance Center provides the most accurate analysis of each pathological condition and therefore an effective treatment course, even when the weather is short. Each training session is designed to meet guests’ needs and takes place in the state-of-the-art fitness room.


Forte Lab has a dedicated team of nutritionists and naturopaths who study the best diet for each guest. The programs are based on the principle of a functional diet, an approach that focuses on personalized food choices that are dependent on motor activity, essential for achieving maximum vital energy.

The diet program was designed after carefully assessing the guest’s health status at the Forte Lab diagnostic laboratory. Furthermore, thanks to the experience of the Forte Village chefs, guests can learn how to cook simple, quick and appetizing menus to enjoy. meals in a balanced way. One of the most important aspects of having such a successful and exclusive Resort and Spa is choosing excellent partners.

Forte Village Resort, in particular Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA, has chosen Lemi as an essential partner to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of its guests. They chose Lemi for their vast experience in the world of health and wellness. Forte Village Resort appreciates the Made in Italy certification and Lemi’s commitment to excellence.