Evo Beauty Bed: Discover the Innovative Anti-Stress System

An Evo beauty bed is a multifunctional, latest generation element that will allow you to offer excellent treatments: find out how.

The Evo beauty bed stands out for its special mattress equipped with an innovative anti-stress system that guarantees the maximum comfort for both clients and professionals. Keep reading to learn all the benefits of this novelty.

Evo Beauty Bed: The Anti-Stress Function

The Evo beauty bed, available in five different models, stands out from the classic massage beds and treatments thanks to the special features of its mattress. Equipped with an HBS anti-stress system, which guarantees unparalleled ergonomics for the head, shoulders, and back, the mattress allows the customer to relax in full comfort while allowing the operator to perform their services while maintaining a comfortable posture, which will reflect on the quality of what is provided.

Evo Massage Bed: All Models

Lemi has declined the benefits of the Evo massage bed into five different models characterized by specific features and functionalities. Below, we briefly present the distinguishing features of the individual proposals, all equipped with an HBS anti-stress mattress:

  • Florence massage bed: electrical setup for Hot Cabi; storage base with sliding doors;
  • Gemya Evo massage bed: double column system for height adjustment; standard push-button panel; ideal solution for multifunctional cabins;
  • Portofino Evo massage bed: integrated storage compartment; minimum height (the lowest on the market);
  • Verona Evo massage bed: tilting movement with the possibility of tilting up to 20°; DUAL USE possibility, that is, as both a chair and a bed;
  • Versus massage bed: Syncro function that automatically takes the bed from the flat position to the relaxation position in a few seconds.

Professional Massage Bed: Quality is Essential

The wisest and most competent professionals in the sector already know it: a good professional massage bed can transform a good treatment into an excellent one. On the contrary, a mediocre beauty bed risks making even an excellent service seem of poor quality.

If you want your treatments to always be rated at the top and your operators can perform their work in the best way, invest with confidence in a quality professional massage bed.

Spa Bed: Lemi’s Proposals

If you are looking for a new spa bed for your beauty center or your wellness center, the Lemi catalog has the solutions for you. Choose your new electric massage bed by evaluating the wide range of products in the Lemi catalog: 100% Made in Italy massage beds equipped with Lifetime Assistance and a warranty of up to ten years.

For Lemi, spa furniture and accessories for beauty centers have no secrets: rely on our experience to immediately find the most suitable spa massage bed or professional beauty bed for treatments for your needs. Click here to explore our catalog.