European Spa | Interview with Matteo Brusaferri

With over 60,000 beds sold in 100 countries, Italian company Lemi has offered innovative, customised equipment solutions since 1989, combining certified quality and excellent service to provide a rewarding wellness experience.

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What makes your products special?
Our products provide unique, innovative solutions to meet every change in market demand. We also guarantee certified quality through a 100% ‘Made in Italy’ production cycle. Last, but not least, our customised service offers specific solutions for individual needs. These are Lemi’s key strengths, together with up to 10 years’ warranty and lifetime assistance.

What makes for a great treatment couch?
It should maximise the guest experience and be easy to use for the therapist. Our tables and beds combine these two elements through innovative technological and aesthetic solutions that enable the therapist to offer a high-quality wellness treatment and the guest to relax and enjoy a unique and complete experience.

What should spas look for in a treatment table supplier?
A partner who can guarantee a unique and customised service through continued assistance, even if the warranty is no longer valid and the table goes out of production. This is an example of what Lemi does with its lifetime assistance, providing customers with reliable and ongoing support.

How do your products enhance the spa experience?
They allow for a multi-sensory and comfortable wellness experience. Thanks to the latest technologies integrated into our beds, the relaxation of the guest can be customised according to their own tastes and needs. Fragrances, colours and sounds can be mixed with the traditional comfort, elegant design and the quality of our products in order to create unique treatments.

What kind of aftersales support do you offer?
We offer up to 10 years’ warranty, one of the longest in the market, so our customers are assured of a durable and high-quality product. We also provide exclusive Lemi lifetime assistance, offering the right solution for whatever they need.

How are your products influenced by changing trends?
Our flexibility allows us to rapidly modify products for each customer and the market as a whole. We also try to anticipate trends, as we did, for example, with our recent project on multisensory beds.

What are your latest innovations?
Our Capri Pedi Spa is a professional manicure and pedicure solution offering total freedom with the chair’s adjustment and pipeless hydromassage. Elsewhere, the Spa Dream 2IN1 provides chromotherapy via seven selectable colours, and the possibility to choose between a water mattress and quartz.

How do your products support the therapist?
We create technologically and aesthetically tailor-made solutions according to the therapist’s own needs. Size and thickness of mattresses, type of headrest, number of motors and the bed’s features are all selectable.

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