Electric treatment chair: all the benefits of the new models

What are the differences between an electric treatment chair and a mechanically operated workstation? Is it really worth investing in hi-tech equipment rather than choosing traditional models? In this article, we answer these and other questions – read on to find out more.

Electric treatment chair: distinctive features

Unlike models with pneumatic or manual mechanisms, the electric treatment chair is fitted with one or more motors for movement. Depending on the number of motors present, the electric treatment chair can be raised and lowered or moved in sections in order to place the body of the person receiving the treatment in the most comfortable and functional position.

Electric treatment chair: 5 key benefits

Versatile, functional and ergonomic, an electric treatment chair is a winning choice in terms of both productivity and hospitality. Here are the five key features of this workstation:

  • versatility: the electric treatment chair can take on different positions, creating the ideal conditions for a wide range of services;
  • functionality: thanks to the possibility of moving the electric treatment chair simply and quickly, operators will be able to work at their best;
  • wellbeing: changing the position and height of the chair is extremely simple and safe and greatly reduces the risk of back pain, postural problems and injuries for the operator. In addition, an electric treatment chair also allows customers with reduced mobility to sit in complete comfort without embarrassment or discomfort;
  • silence: the electric treatment chair can be moved quickly and quietly without disturbing the relaxed atmosphere of the cabin;
  • solidity: since this type of chair is designed to move electrically, manufacturers can afford to put weight issues on the back burner and build particularly sturdy, safe and comfortable chairs.

Lemi electric pedicure chair

Lemi considered the concept of the electric pedicure chair and created two multi-purpose workstations that are also suitable for manicures, hair removal and face/body treatments for an all-over wellbeing and beauty experience, facilitating cross-selling. The Podo Dream electric pedicure chair and the Podo Mix 3M station are both equipped with three motors for height adjustment, backrest and tilting.

electric pedicur chair podo dream

Lemi electric facial treatment chair

Lemi has created a number of variations on the theme of the electric facial treatment chair, making it a station that can be adjusted in different positions until it becomes a perfectly horizontal electric bed for face and total body treatments. Suitable for face and body treatments, manicures and hair removal, Lemi multi-purpose chairs multiply the possibilities of cabin service and transform spaces effectively and conveniently.