Casa Cipriani SPA – Milan

Casa Cipriani Spa, the first Spa in Italy by the prestigious Cipriani group, is a jewel nestled in the captivating Palazzo Bernasconi, in the vibrant heart of Milan. With a careful focus on preserving architectural heritage and infusing unmatched luxury, Casa Cipriani Spa offers a tailored experience for the most refined beauty enthusiasts. From the sumptuous interiors adorned with precious materials to the meticulously designed wellness spaces, Casa Cipriani Spa creates an oasis of tranquility and pleasure in the fashion capital.

Spanning over 1,000 square meters, Casa Cipriani Spa seamlessly integrates beauty, fitness, and relaxation areas, providing a complete wellness experience. As soon as you step into this neoclassical masterpiece, you are greeted by an atmosphere of refined elegance.

Every aspect of Casa Cipriani Spa’s design has been carefully curated to ensure an impeccable fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

The space is embellished with gold finishes and enveloped in cashmere fabrics, emanating a sense of opulence and warmth.

Moreover, the spa boasts lighting design that enhances the overall atmosphere and creates a serene environment conducive to relaxation.

Casa Cipriani Spa prides itself on offering exceptional wellness experiences.

Designed by Studio Apostoli, the spa features separate areas for men and women, guaranteeing privacy and comfort for all guests.

The spaces are enriched with a harmonious blend of precious materials such as green onyx, stone mosaics, Finnish cedar wood, and French red marble, creating an environment that harmoniously balances luxury and serenity.

For its treatment spaces, Cipriani has chosen Lemi beds and equipment.

The hotel complex that houses the spa exudes exclusivity and sophistication. Designed by renowned architect Michele Bonan, the 15 rooms and suites offer a perfect blend of Italian elegance and contemporary comfort. Walnut boiserie, oak floors, Venetian chandeliers, and a combination of art and colors transport guests into a world of refined luxury.

The hotel’s restaurants and bars, along with the spa, form the exclusive hotel Club. The Pickering Room, with its elegant decoration, the Club Restaurant, offering an intimate dining experience with a terrace overlooking the Indro Montanelli Garden, and the Living Room on the top floor, resembling a private lounge, create the perfect environment for socializing and relaxing.