Capri Pedi Spa


Elegance and design, functionality and comfort, ease and cleanliness.

This is Capri PediSpa, the new Manicure and Pedicure Spa professional solution, which matches new functional features with a completely improved aesthetic concept to give an exclusive sensation of wellbeing.

The technical innovations make Capri PediSpa unique:

  • Total freedom in chair’s adjustment. Thanks to the electrical movement of the seat, 180 degree rotation and its backrest with gas-spring, for an absolute comfort.
  • Pipeless Hydromassage. A pipeless system to guarantee maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.
  • Customize wood base, which can be matched with 35 different chair colors, making it suitable for each context.
“ The Capri PediSpa project stems from the need to create a small pedicure station that is at the same time very elegant and comfortable. We have therefore combined a curved wood base with a fully upholstered and customizable armchair with an ergonomic shape to guarantee a high level of comfort for the client. Functionality has been put in first place: The fully adjustable chair offers comfort and ease of use for the operator as the fully adjustable footrest is widened and therefore allows the user to work in full comfort, closer to the customer’s foot. However, we have also taken the hygienic aspect into consideration, using a Pipeless Hydromassage system that can be completely sanitized in a few moments. We have tried to avoid as much as possible the use of plastic to maintain look more stylish than most of the pedicure chairs on the market. We have certainly distinguished our Capri Pedi Spa for the elegance and refinement of the materials."
Matteo Brusaferri
General Manager - Lemi Group