BASTIEN GONZALEZ and the art of podiatry

Bastien Gonzalez is a well-known French podiatrist and pedicurist who has gained international recognition for his unique approach to foot care. He is famous for his signature “Bastien’s Duo” treatment, which combines medical and cosmetic pedicure techniques to provide a luxurious and therapeutic experience for the feet.

Gonzalez has been passionate about skiing since he was a child, and he pursued this passion by becoming a ski instructor. However, his life took an unexpected turn after he suffered a bad fall while skiing. While undergoing physiotherapy for his injury, he met a podiatrist who would change the course of his career.


Inspired by this encounter, Gonzalez decided to pursue a career in podiatry, and in 1997 he obtained his Podiatry Diploma. This marked the beginning of his journey as a foot care specialist, and he has since become one of the most renowned and sought-after podiatrists in the world.

His innovative approach to foot care and his luxurious foot spas have gained him a loyal following among celebrities, members of royal families, and top athletes.

Gonzalez has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and spas, including One&Only Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Anantara, and Ritz-Carlton, where he has established foot care centers that offer his signature treatments. He has also trained a team of skilled pedicurists to deliver his unique approach to foot care, and his techniques are now being taught to aspiring podiatrists and beauty professionals around the world.

In addition to his work in foot care, Gonzalez is also an advocate for sustainable and ethical practices in the beauty industry. He uses only the highest quality and most natural products in his treatments and has partnered with several organizations to promote responsible sourcing and production of beauty products.

Overall, Bastien Gonzalez’s innovative approach to foot care has revolutionized the way we think about pedicure, and his commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has set a new standard for the beauty industry.


Bastien Gonzalez, what is your operating concept based on?

Our concept is based on 3 pillars:

  • Nail: We specialize in enhancing natural beauty with a long-lasting and stunning natural shine that can stay for months.
  • Skin: With a solid medical background, we provide precise treatments for dry skin using advanced tools like diamond or glass dust drills.
  • Massage: Our focus is on rejuvenating the feet and legs up to the knee, aiming to restore mobility, enhance skin elasticity, improve circulation, and revitalize the fatty cushion.

How did you start your collaboration with Lemi and what do you like about their equipment?

We initiated our collaboration with Lemi 10 years ago. The exceptional quality of Italian design and the artisanal touch, combined with their responsiveness in accommodating our requirements, have been the key factors that have made this collaboration truly enjoyable for us.


How Lemi equipment and technology help your work?

We exclusively utilize a single type of Lemi chair that perfectly aligns with our way of working. The chair’s four engines, high-quality foam, and superior leather contribute to creating an ideal environment for our clients, ensuring their utmost comfort.