Ayurvedic massage table: a must for spas and beauty salons

If you haven’t yet planned to include an Ayurvedic massage bed in your spa or beauty centre, this in-depth study gives you the main reasons why it’s a smart investment for anyone wishing to offer their customers the benefits of an unparalleled wellness experience. Read on to learn more.

Ayurvedic massage tables: main features

The Ayurvedic massage table is designed to facilitate treatment and ensure its effectiveness. The ancient practice of Ayurvedic massage, originating in India more than five thousand years ago, aims to restore the balance between body and mind by stimulating the energy centres and circulation to generate a state of general wellbeing and deep relaxation.

Since an essential part of the treatment is the use of generous amounts of natural oils, which are spread on the skin to make the massage particularly fluid and pleasurable, the surface of an Ayurvedic massage table must be resistant to oily substances. The primary feature to consider when choosing this type of workstation, therefore, is a professional oil-resistant mattress, which, to ensure excellent treatment, must be accompanied by a particularly comfortable head section and the ability to adjust height of the Ayurvedic massage table to suit the operator.

With its electric motor for height adjustment, oil-resistant mattress and manually adjustable head section, the Ayurveda V massage table by Lemi is an excellent investment.

ayurveda v massage table

Water massage beds for Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments are not restricted to such specialist tables, however; the Spa Dream water massage bed, for example, while designed to combine chromotherapy and massage, also boasts the three distinctive features of a good Ayurvedic massage bed: a practical height adjustment system, four oil-resistant water-filled cushions and a comfortable head section with a face hole.

Enhance the revitalising relaxation of Ayurvedic treatments with a water massage bed that gently cradles the body, dispersing physical tension and relieving stress for an extraordinarily immersive sensory experience.

Quartz massage table for an original treatment

The atmosphere of a warm and welcoming beach, the pleasure of a treatment that engages body and mind: with a quartz massage table you can maximise the pleasure and relaxation of an Ayurvedic treatment thanks to pleasantly warm sand that helps intensify the operator’s movements by facilitating the dilation of blood vessels and the action of the lymphatic system.

When the spherical sand option is selected, the Spa Dream bed transforms from a water mattress to a quartz massage bed, allowing you to combine the benefits of the Ayurvedic experience with a special treatment delivered on a warm and inviting surface.

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