Autumn wellness: tips to prepare body and mind for the cold season

Autumn is almost upon us and, after spending the summer in the sun, even our skin needs to regenerate and and prepare properly for the arrival of winter. In addition to following the usual daily beauty routine, it is necessary to undergo exfoliation, hydration and skin cleansing treatments at wellness centers and spas. But what are the most recommended treatments to be carried out after the hot season? At Lemi, we decided to help you with a list of the best post-tanning treatments.


The best beauty treatments for autumn


  1. Scrub: after spending many hours in the hot sun, a scrub is certainly a great way to say goodbye to dry and rough skin. Unlike what you think, an exfoliation treatment can be dedicated to both body and face. A professional will rub the scrub grains in circular movements on your skin, stimulating the generation of new cells and giving a new life to your appearance. All you have to do is lie down on a Sowelle bed and enjoy every moment.


  1. Wrap: The scrub is often followed by a moisturizing wrap. The best spas around use the very comfortable Ayurveda V bed and and offers a variety of wraps such as herbal – designed to detoxify and heal – or those with muds capable of increasing circulation, firming and polishing the skin, or even those slimming that favor the release of excess fluids and firming specific areas of the body.


  1. Anti-aging facial treatments: anti-aging treatments aim to improve the appearance and sensation of the skin showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, damage caused by too much sun exposure and blemishes. If you decide to treat yourself to this type of treatment, it is likely that the professional will make you sit on the Bellagio 1M bed and stimulate your facial muscles to restore elasticity. In addition, you can apply a delicate peeling or perform a deep exfoliation depending on your skin type.


  1. Hot stone massage: with the drop in temperatures and the arrival of the first rains, why not enjoy a couple of hours of pure relaxation with our comfortable Spa Dream heated beds? The ideal massage for the arrival of autumn is undoubtedly the one with hot stones. By using aromatherapy oils and hot volcanic stones you will be able to relieve the muscle tension, soothe joint pain and feel rejuvenated.


  1. Pedicure: last but not least, the pedicure. It is known that after the summer, our feet are forced to use closed, narrow and uncomfortable shoes. Consequently, September is the ideal month to start caring for them. From immersion in hot water, to hydromassage, to the use of an exfoliating foot mask, to the removal of cuticles up to the application – if desired – of nail polish. All this will happen while you relax in our Capri Pedi Spa chair. What’s better?


Give yourself some time and spend the morning, afternoon or a whole day to keep your body and mind healthy and enjoy all the Spa treatments designed especially for you!