5 Keys to Choosing the Right Spa Bed

Choosing the right Spa bed for your wellness center isn’t an easy feat. There are so many options and so many factors to take into account when making a decision. What is the bed going to be used for? Who’s going to be using it? Does it fit into my aesthetic? To help you choose among the wide variety out there, here is a small guide to help you.

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Probably the most crucial question to ask yourself when choosing a Spa bed is what will it be used for? Make a list of all the different treatments that will be done on the Spa bed and choose a chair that will adapt to all (or most) of them. The great aspect about Lemi equipment is that the Spa beds are adaptable and one can be have a variety of uses. Take the Aemotio Basic, for example, it can serve up to 7 different functions! Depending on the treatments you offer you might need more than one type of Spa bed, but you will be surprised to what length one Lemi Spa bed can go!


The space that you have available is going to be the defining factor for the size. The Spa bed must fit into the treatment room with enough space for the practitioner to maneuver around the bed. So taking into account the limitations of your available space here are a few tips to choosing the right size bed:

— Height

The height of the bed will be determined by personal preference and ergonomics of the practitioner who will be working at said bed as well as the type of treatment. The height of the majority of Spa beds can be adapted, so you will most likely have a range of motion of around 10 inches.

— Length

The length of the bed will depend on the type of client that you usually have. To ensure that you will be able to accommodate the highest number of clients, you will probably want to choose the longest bed that can fit in your space. The average Spa beds range from 5’9 to 6’3, the most common being 5’9. If you are struggling with the length, pick a Spa bed that has a headrest, as most of them have some mobility and can give you a buffer of 7 to 11 inches.

— Width

The average width of a Spa bed is 27 to 30 inches wide. Of course, logic says that the wider the bed the more comfortable it will be for the client. However, as with the height, less so for the length, the width will most likely depend on the size of the practitioner. A Spa bed that is too wide can cause the practitioner discomfort and back problems due to overexertion.


The comfort level of the Spa bed will mostly depend on the thickness and material of the mattress. Most Spa beds are made out of foam. The quality of the foam doesn’t depend so much on the thickness, but on it’s density. The denser the foam is, the more comfortable and durable it will be to use. The way to check the density of the foam would be to press your hand into the mattress and see how long it takes for the foam to return to it’s original shape.

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The slower the return, the lower the density. In terms of thickness, 2 inches of high-density foam will provide an adequate level of comfort. However, foam isn’t the only material used for Spa beds.
At Lemi, you can choose your mattress with:

● 3.5-inch high-density foam mattress: perfect for energetic massages.
● 4.7-inch high-density foam mattress: for extra comfort (Lemi’s standard thickness)
● 6-inch super soft memory foam: for your most exclusive clients.
● Water mattresses: compromised of 10 separated cushions.


You cannot deny the importance of design when it comes to choosing your perfect Spa bed. From classic neutral tones to modern electric colors, having a unique and coherent aesthetic will allow you to float above your competition. It won’t only make your customers identify your brand; it will make your space look and feel more luxurious and exclusive. Lemi is the only brand that allows you to truly become participant in what the final product looks like. Anything from color to materials to finishes is available for personalization to make the product a part of you and your brand.


The quality of the Spa bed you choose will determine how long and in what shape your Spa bed will last. Higher quality materials will lead to less upkeep and a longer shelf life for your Spa bed. In fact, a Spa bed shouldn’t have any issues the first 5 years of use. At Lemi, the materials used to make the Spa beds are the highest of qualities, and to prove that we give you a 10-year warrantee, one of the longest on the market, and lifetime assistance so you will always be able to repair or find replacement parts for your Spa bed, even if it’s an older model. Lemi Spa beds are also certified Made in Italy because all the major providers and the production are done in Italy.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you have all the information you need to pick your perfect Spa bed out of the Lemi catalog! Go ahead, take a peak!

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