30 Years of Italian style in Wellness

Lemi since 1989…

Day after day we have followed a 30-year path, that is the story of a company and of a family, too. My cousin Silvio and I started off in 1989 with an idea that was more than anything a challenge with ourselves. We began in a small village, putting ourselves on the line in a field which was quite unknown, but with a clear objective in our mind: to create beds and chairs which should be comfortable for both the operator and the customer, giving our products the typical style and quality “Made in Italy”.

Our desire to improve has not only involved our products but has also expanded, embracing more aspects of our daily business reality.
From the point of view of the respect for the environment, we equipped the company with photovoltaic panels, then we created a healthy cafeteria for our employees as well as a fully equipped gym; finally we offered Pilates and English courses. In the very last years we have started a true revolution concerning our internal organization, which brought to eliminate any waste of time, space and material, thus improving and speeding up the processes in an “assembly line” with excellent results. We have also invested a lot in our R&D department, providing it with new operational tools allowing people to make the most of their own personal skills.

For this special occasion, the company has a new look and a new entrance, reflecting the high level we‘ve reached until today.
And yet, these 30 years are not just a goal achieved with effort, sacrifice and dedication … but also a new springboard.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” 

… and our journey continues with a new generation …

Henry Ford

The Future

What leads us to constantly improve is not only quality. In these 30 years we realized that our products must go in the direction of all the changes we have been experiencing. We therefore focused our attention and directed our energies for the development of massage equipment capable of combining massage and colorsperfumesmusic and warmth, transforming each treatment into a personal journey, in the silence of one’s own self that can finally enjoy a moment of true well-being, a complete tailor-made sensorial experience.

This is the path that our company, as manufacturer of equipment, decided to pursue in the future, investing on the development of innovative, unconventional products, that can revolutionize the standard idea of treament until today. It is therefore essential for spas to stand out from the competition through products that, thanks to their versatility, become a precious aid for the professionals who will be able to perform treatments aimed at satisfying the specific needs of their customer.

This is what we have believed in for 30 years and we will believe in it for many others. You may have believed in it even more than us and for this we want to thank you, for those who have been there since the beginning, for those who have discovered us recently and for those who will be there in the future … you made your choice and we want to continue staying there.

Thank You so much!