3 Spa equipment must-haves

hen choosing the equipment for your Spa or wellness center there are truly a thousand brands to choose from. It can be pretty overwhelming to sit down at your desk, brochures strewn all over your desk and Whave to pick one. It’s an investment, a commitment and a true responsibility. And, in fact, one of the worst things that could happen is choosing a product that you love and have it show signs of wear after only a few months or years of use.

In Lemi’s opinion, Spa equipment should not really show any signs of wear and tear at all in its first five years, or better yet, until you decide it’s time to change it for a better, newer version. Even so, over the course of time little problems are bound to come up. Lemi knows these are things that happen because they’ve been in the industry for decades. This deep expertise has led them to offer services that no one else on the market really offers.
These are three examples of such services:

Design Process

Lemi is a firm believer in excellence. Even in its infancy, when it was just one man designing one treatment chair for one client, it was the idea of creating an excellent product that could solve a problem that drove Emilio Brusaferri, Lemi’s founder to create what Lemi is today. Ever since, Lemi’s design process has always been about how to create a product that is, among many other things, easy to fix or made out of easy pieces to replace. Not only is this better for you as the client, because you will be able to easily replace or fix the parts, it’s better for Lemi, because it means that they can reduce repair times and provide a better customer service.


Lemi offers you a 10-year warranty, the longest one in the industry. This means that if you have any problems with any of your Lemi equipment within the first 10 years, they got you covered. This warranty is really a symbol of the high level of quality and expertise that goes into each product and goes to show how they are really built to last.


Lifetime assistance

Even when your product is past its warranty, you can rest assured that you will be able to count on Lemi should you have any problems. Say you bought something from Lemi today and 17 years from now you need a replacement part, don’t worry, even if that product is no longer being produced, Lemi will be sure to get you the part that you need, even if your not in Italy.

So, how can you be sure when buying equipment that it will last? The answer is, you can’t. There is no way to predict how a piece of equipment will react to the environment it’s in. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and while it’s possible nothing goes wrong with your Spa equipment in the next 20 years, the odds are that at some point, something will need replacing or fixing.

With Lemi, how you will get the replacing or fixing done is something that is taken care of for you. Emilio Brusaferri and Silvio Genelli, founders of Lemi started this company believing that his customers should be treated the way he would like to be treated. So at Lemi, you are much more than a customer, you are part of the family.