10 rules to follow for the head of a wellness center

The beauty, spa and wellness sector is constantly expanding. After an initial setback linked to the start of the pandemic and the first hectic months of emergency, in fact, there has been a general recovery.

If initially it was mainly women who showed that they cared about beauty and wellness, today there is a marked change of pace. More and more men are choosing to take care of their body and their image, regardless of age. In addition, while in the past it was often customary to engage in certain treatments only with the approach of summer, now people have learned that treating themselves to a pampering is nice all year round and they make a commitment that is maintained over time.

People are increasingly demanding and the number, but also the type, of services offered is constantly expanding. Managing a spa or a wellness facility is not at all easy. Many different aspects must be kept in mind, which are intertwined with each other. It starts with learning the best methods to use for managing the human relationship with people, both with a view to retaining them and offering them the best services tailored to their various needs. Moving on to the management of the structure and above all of the latter’s digital and social channels. Those who manage a wellness center have a whole series of tasks to carry out: let’s see 10 useful tips to achieve the goal.


1 – The wellness industry and its rules

To manage a successful beauty center it is important to have general knowledge of the modern wellness industry, to know the differences in concept between spa and wellness center also given the speed with which the reference market is updated.

2 – The management of the centre’s social channels

We know how important it is to tell your business reality on the web to intercept the popularity of users and boost the base. It is necessary to constantly update the pages and the contents offered, conveying useful information on working methods, machinery and staff present at the site.

3 – Materials, furnishings and equipment

It is important that the person who manages the spa knows perfectly the machinery used, the spaces and the reference environments. In addition, it is important that you also take care of the arrangement of the furniture as well as the choice of the best technical supports. At the center there is the comfort of the patient but also of the beauty operator.

4 – Communication with the customer

It is crucial to have knowledge about what are the key aspects of a correct interaction and communication with the customer. It helps to improve the image of the wellness center and to highlight the managerial and problem-solving skills of those who manage it.

5 – Emergencies and first aid

Understanding how to manage a wellness center is not easy: special knowledge and technical skills come into play that go beyond the simple organization of the structure. For example, you must have essential skills, both practical and theoretical, in first aid to limit damage in emergency situations while waiting for specialized help.

6 – Management of shifts and personnel

The wellness center and spa are structures in which each task must be put in dialogue with the other, so as to always offer the best in terms of services and ensure that the professionals employed can always give 100% . This is only possible with a perfect organization of shifts during the week.

7 – Safety in the workplace comes first

The person who manages the wellness center knows and masters the general regulations relating to safety at work. The latter passes from the guarantee of the best health conditions to the healthiness of the environments, as well as from the standardization and constant updating of the equipment.

8 – Advice and assistance to the customer

It is clear that since the wellness center is a place dedicated to self-care and therefore other than the stress and anxieties of everyday life, the person who manages it very often finds himself providing the best assistance in case of doubts, curiosities and problems. as well as giving ad hoc advice on issues related to the structure.

9 – ABC of cosmetology

Always with a view to providing maximum support to customers who approach the services offered by spas and wellness centers, those who manage them must have skills in cosmetology and elements of cosmetic legislation as well as master the INCI nomenclature.

10 – The spaces of the wellness center

The person who manages the wellness center must be able to understand what the problems related to the design of the interior spaces are, so as to identify any critical issues and request improvements or modernizations.