Spa Tables

Spa Tables

In this section, we are presenting LEMI massage beds. Each professional beauty and massage bed is realized paying deep attention to quality, design, and functionality. Those are the essential values that have always identified our brand, offering a long-lasting esthetician bed we make our customers satisfied. You are welcome to find out now the entire collection!

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LEMI esthetician bed – find out  the entire collection!
Our precious beauty beds collections are intended to enrich wellness centers and spas, guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism.
● EVO: all EVO spa tables and beauty couches are equipped with a special mattress based on the HBS – Head Back Shoulder technology. The innovative HBS stress relief system can balance the pressure over the head, back, shoulders, legs, and arms. With this spa bed, you can always lower the armrests and adjust the headrest so that the whole body can be handled without any risk of sprain and contracture.
● CLASSIC: please take a look at the CLASSIC professional massage bed line. All these spa beds have the traditional mattress with the headrest or the face hole on the backrest and they are suitable for body massages and facials. If you are looking for professional electric massage tables, you are in the right place. The CLASSIC electric beauty bed line offers options to adjust electrically height, back and legs – in order to allow a relaxing position. Classic is the collection that best suits your needs!
● ESSENTIAL: LEMI ESSENTIAL esthetician bed line is designed for those who are looking for an electric massage bed combining electric height adjustment with the manual option to adjust backrest and legs;
● STATIONARY: LEMI STATIONARY collection displays fixed professional massage tables. This spa bed comes with a fixed height and a manually adjustable backrest. All mattresses have a face hole in the backrest.
● SPA DREAM: SPA DREAM is a professional 2-in-1 water massage table combining benefits coming from water and quartz. This beauty bed, equipped with heating top and chromotherapy technology, has electrically adjustable height and can be utilized for massages and relaxation treatments too.
Professional LEMI massage beds: unicuique suum, to each his own.
Each LEMI beauty bed is made to satisfy specific needs. You can get in touch with our newest collections if you are looking for a professional electric fireproof massage bed, or a foldable, antibacterial, antifungal electric model. As an alternative, you can seek for a professional fixed massage table. EVO – Portofino, Verona, Florence, Versus, Gemya – CLASSIC – Verona, Portofino, Amanda, Bellagio, Gemya, Sereneya – ESSENTIAL – Ayurveda, Next, Sereneya 1S, Sosul, Sosul 2000, Sosul Top, Versus 1M – STATIONARY – Sovelle, Spa Glam, Well – SPA DREAM.
These beautician beds are the best you can find, they can be used for a large range of treatments for face and body, as well as massages and spa treatments.
Double use models are also available, such as the Verona EVO, that can be used both as a therapy chair and as a Spa massage table.
LEMI professional massage tables are basically conceived to meet the different needs of modern spas and state-of-the-art wellness centers, integrating their appealing and extremely functional design. In addition, our massage table also fits the necessities of multi-function rooms offering massage services for face and body. They are all designed with the utmost attention to comfort, both at the client’s and the esthetician’s sides.
While choosing a LEMI professional beautician bed you are opting for a product that combines comfort, ease of use and workspace optimization with elegant and fascinating designs.
Let’s find out the specifications of all our esthetician bed models. While style is a matter of elegance and… aesthetics, ça va sans dire!

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