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A vast wealth of knowledge, creativity and cutting-edge solutions place technology and innovation at the service of comfort, functionality and design, to offer operators and public the best possible experience of use.
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Carefully selected raw materials, attention to detail and a production cycle that is 100% Made in Italy ensure the creation of superior quality products that benefit from a 10-year warranty and the exclusive Lemi Lifetime Assistance.
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Complete professional support, maximum flexibility and tailor-made solutions all combine to provide customised solutions to functional, aesthetic and service requirements.Lemi guides every customer from the design right through to after-sales assistance.
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Lemi Beauty & Spa: more than 30 years’ experience in the design and production of spa supplies and spa equipment for salons and wellness centers.

Starting back in 1989, Lemi has been making spa supplies and spa equipment for salons and wellness centers – beauty and massage beds, chairs and stools among others. With more than 30 years’ experience in the creation of spa furniture and estheticians supplies, we have always connected production to a deep research and development phase. This process led us to become soon one of the most important players in the international market. Design, research, technologic innovation, quality, functionality, craftsmanship and accurate finishings - these are our natural strong points, thus representing our essential values. Our mission is to create spa furniture and esthetician equipment with a unique style. Our products bear the LEMI brand and the authentic Made in Italy throughout the world.

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LEMI spa equipments are innovative working tools for beauty salons and wellness centers.
Please take a look at our spa equipment and salon supplies section, you will find there a sum of LEMI company philosophy. We want to make sure that every single product is built with the highest precision as well as ensuring continuous improvements. Thanks to the partnership with many industry experts, we are constantly welcoming new ideas, turning them into innovative tools. We offer a fully customizable spa furniture and spa supplies service for wellness centers. According to different tastes and multiple needs, we are able to display a large assortment of colors, materials (metals and wood are included) and finishings, in order to make each product truly unique. These are the reasons why we are worldwide well-known in the spa supplies area. Our high-end beauty beds and massage beds are designed proceeding from the most severe Italian intelligence, but in the meanwhile we consider our workforce, with its skills, experience, and passion, to represent our biggest asset.
Producing spa beds and equipment for wellness centers in compliance with environmental regulations since 1989.
Since the beginning of our journey we have pursued an environmental sustainability policy - not only have we equipped our factory with photovoltaic panels and LED lighting systems, we have also adopted the 5S methodology (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuk) to reorganize our workflow. The 5S methodology is based on five fundamental steps, starting from the removal of unnecessary work tools, we have proceeded to reorganize those strictly useful. In this way, we have reached the main goal – keeping the workspace constantly clean and tidy. Moreover, we can proudly claim that 70% of our equipment for wellness centers and wooden spa supplies are made from FSC® certified wood coming from controlled and protected forests.Furthermore, mattress covers for wellness center products are free of synthetic dyes and toxic materials. We select them from suppliers who are committed to sustainable development, guaranteeing full compliance with the best environmental protection practices. Come discover with us LEMI spa furniture and equipment for wellness centers – take part in our green thinking platform!

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