Barbara Widmman | Wellness Hotel Fanes

The Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes is a five-star property located in San Cassiano, in the province of Bolzano. Considered one of the most beautiful hotels in South Tyrol, it is the result of continuous transformation that began in the middle of the last century, when the property decided to renovate an old sixteenth-century farmhouse.

The Hotel

In the last ten years, the renovation has been carried out by the architect Barbara Widmann, who has been able to create a unique environment, perfectly integrated into the landscape while enhancing local traditions and materials.

Among these, we find oak wood, with which the ceiling and floors were created; bark, with a particular three-dimensional effect; Lasa marble, extracted in slabs from a South Tyrolean quarry; glass, with which the large window was created that overlooks the hotel garden and the surrounding mountains and which allows continuous connection with the landscape and nature; Finally, the wool, of which some parts of the doors and curtains are made.

The hotel has 70 guest rooms in addition to eight chalets, a 25-meter elevated infinity pool and a restaurant with an exquisite wine cellar.



The pride of the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes, however, is undoubtedly the spa of over 5,000 square meters, built by the Hofer group, which offers its guests a wonderful view of the Dolomites.

The Wellness offerings at Hotel Fanes include a vast selection of massages and treatments, including an articulated ‘Detox Path’, lasting three days and divided into three.

The first phase includes the Egyptian Vital Bandage which provides a detoxifying and draining effect as well as being invigorating, smoothing and firming; the Vitalis Bath, with intense hydration; Finally, the Ericson Laboratoire Cellluit Vib treatment, shock therapy that fights excess fat and cellulite.

The detox experience continues with two options for physical activity: the Pilates class available in the gym and an e-bike or mountain-bike tour to discover the woods and meadows of San Cassiano.

Third phase: the detox dinner, which includes light dishes mostly based on fish and vegetables from the nearby hotel garden.


The Equipment

The creator of this winning wellness package is the highly experienced spa manager Ingrid Crazzolara, a pioneer in the industry who is always forward-thinking with innovative and successful ideas.

For the Fanes spa she chose Lemi’s Aemotio Spa, which offers water treatments and personal steam baths, while for the massage beds, she, together with the architect Widmann opted for the Portofino Evo. These met the needs of the spa manager for comfort of the mattress and for the optimization of the work space; at the same time, they aligned with the architect’s requests, in terms of design and availability of colors.