Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Where innovative wellness and balanced indulgence come together in one extraordinary beachfront setting. Carillon Miami is located in Miami’s North Beach neighborhood. While accessible to the social scene of South Beach (with its famous nightlife that goes on all day), Carillon Miami offers a true beach escape.

" Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is a world-class health and Wellness Destination in a serene beachfront setting. Exuding the "luxury of wellness," the resort focuses on aligning physical, mental and spiritual health by offering a comprehensive retreat, the largest spa & wellness center on the Eastern Seaboard (70,000 sq. ft.), with a medical wellness division. The spa offers cutting-edge Touchless Wellness therapies introducing services that utilize technologies ranging from sound therapy, sonic vibration, to infrared and halotherapy to heal from within and address issues such as stress, inflammation, sleep health, with little to no touch. Carillon also offers traditional spa treatments in our treatment rooms that are filled with LEMI massage and facial tables that are functional, innovative and most of all beautifully made. Our wellness spa guests experience LEMI tables featuring the HBS stress relief system that provides the perfect ergonomics for their head, neck, back, shoulders & lower back area enhancing their comfort during treatment. ”
Tammy Pahel
Chief Wellness Officer

The Resort

Welcome to Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, where our unique approach to wellness prioritizes indulgence and pleasure at every turn. Come for a nourishing journey for the body and soul. Align your physical and mental health at our cutting-edge wellness center. Dine on vibrantly fresh, organic cuisine at the ocean’s edge. And savor a stay at one of our modern luxury apartments, all situated on one of the longest beachfront stretches in the city.

Wellness and Spa

We follow an integrative and innovative approach to wellness that results in a uniquely healing destination, spread out over 70,000 square-feet. From IV therapy to chakra balancing, and salt bath therapy to innovative technology, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort brings a unique and comprehensive mixture of Western, Eastern, Alternative, and Aesthetic medicine for custom treatment plans and impactful results.

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Innovative Wellness

Come for transformative signature spa treatments derived from our seaside locale, massage therapies that harness the power of aromatherapy and warm crystal quartz, and sophisticated facials that combat against pollution, stress, and address specific skin concerns.

At our expansive fitness center, breathtaking ocean views inspire during cardio and strength training sessions on state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, and group classes including barre, TRX, and a range of yoga styles suited for all ages and abilities. At the heart of it all lies our exclusive Thermal Experience, an expansive hydrotherapy circuit that mirrors European wellness traditions by using the restorative properties of water to promote well-being.

Holistic Wellness Journeys

Total wellness starts with a comprehensive approach. The newest Health Retreats by Carillon Miami offer one-of-a-kind experiences designed to align your physical, mental, and spiritual health using cutting-edge treatments, the latest advancements in technology and critical experts along the way to guide your path to optimal health. Whether you’re targeting men’s or women’s health, weight loss, anti-aging, energy renewal, or other health concerns, there’s a retreat with a customized plan available that’s right for you.