Sea Breeze

COD: 184

■ 1 waterproof electric motor for height adjustment with an IP66 protection rating

■ Waterproof mattress

■ Matching with the Vichy Shower (9 Jets)

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Sea Breeze offers the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Seamless, fully-padded, entirely water resistant and extremely comfortable, the Sea Breeze is ideal for water-based Spa treatments with the Vichy shower 9 jets.

Ideal for:
Traditional body treatments, water treatments, hydrotherapy, massages, spa treatments, relaxation, anti-cellulite, slimming, toning, exfoliating and anti-stress treatments, body wraps and masks, scrubs, peeling treatments, filiform showers, thalassotherapy and mud therapy.


Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 200 × 80 × 92 cm

Mattress Colors


Spa Prestige

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