Portofino Evo

cod. 815 EVO

■ Cabinet base with wooden drawer
■ Height min. 49 cm / 19”, max. 79 cm / 31”

■ 3 electric motors for height, backrest and legrest adjustment
■ The HBS Stress Relief System provides perfect ergonomics for the client’s head, back and shoulders
■ Mattress customizable by thickness and width upon request
■ Fire resistant covering, “Azo” free, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
■ An ideal solution for multi-rooms
■ Maximum client/practitioner comfort
■ AUT function: automatic return from any position to zero position (flat and minimum height)
■ END function: “End of treatment” position

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Portofino Evo is a multi-functional treatment table that combines comfort and ease of use with exceptional workspace optimization. Thanks to the innovative mattress with HBS Stress Relief System, the Portofino Evo model guarantees maximum comfort for both the client and practitioner alike. Featuring a storage compartment integrated into the base. Thanks to its three independent height, backrest and legrest adjustments, the Portofino treatment table is ideal for a wide range of treatments, including facial and body treatments, massages and Spa treatments.


Portofino Evo is equipped with a totally electric adjustment. By means of wire or wireless pedals it is possible to electrically adjust the height, the legs and the back from a totally horizontal position to a maximum inclination of 90°. Leg adjustment allows the client’s knees to be raised to a position of perfect relaxation.
The massage table is equipped with a comfortable and large wooden drawer that can be pulled out using a small handle. The drawer has been studied with silent slow closing, for the maximum ergonomics of the operator and silence for the customer.
HBS SYSTEM (Stress Releaf System)
The Portofino Evo massage table is equipped with two fully adjustable arms with a gas spring and an adjustable tilting head with a removable front hole. This system called “HBS (Head Back Shoulder) Stress Relief System” offers perfect ergonomics for the client’s head, back and shoulders, which allows the client complete relaxation, to reach a state of ideal tranquility for the therapist.

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Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 202 × 74 × 49 cm

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Spa Prestige

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