Aemotio Basic

COD: 158

■ Wet table with electric height adjustment, bolero massage, water mattress with Energy Heat System, steam bath, color therapy and savonage: seven functions for a wide range of customized treatments
■ Experience Spa programs
■ High hourly remuneration
■ Excellent flexibility of use

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Italian design, Spa effect: Featuring 7 functions for performing and customizing countless wellness programs, the Aemotio Basic revolutionizes the concept of wellness.
The Aemotio Basic, in fact, is capable of multiplying the use and profitability of any Spa cabin, thus transforming it into a truly integrated business system.

Ideal for:
Traditional body and face treatments, water treatments, hydrotherapy, massages, spa treatments, relaxation, anti-cellulite, slimming, toning, exfoliating and anti-stress treatments, body wraps and masks, scrubs, peeling treatments, filiform showers, aromatherapy, color therapy, thalassotherapy, mud therapy, steam baths and savonage.

Featuring a heating plate to adjust the mattress water temperature, thus drastically reducing water consumption while at the same time maximizing the practitioner’s time and ensuring a comfortable temperature for the client.
The durable polyurethane water mattress guarantees excellent comfort.
Featuring an electric height adjustment, the Wet Table also comes complete with Dibond composite panel walls, perfect for any type of customization.
Shower for targeted micro massages and rinse operations performed directly in the tub.
The 7 primary colors can be programmed to turn automatically, or can be selected according to the type of treatment to be performed, providing for magical moments of wellbeing.

The benefits of steam baths can be offered thanks to a professional stainless steel steam generator. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the steam is contained by a convenient and hygienic disposable curtain, which can be easily removed.

The treatment with a soft and voluminous mousse, produced by an integrated generator, has a pleasant relaxing and cleansing effect (upon request).

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Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 232 × 100 × 153 cm

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