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Lemi 4: The Evergreen

As one of the major players in Beauty & Spa industry with his unique Italian design, high-quality finishes, research and development of innovative solutions, Lemi 4 ensures what no one else can offer.

Lemi Group is well-known for his excellent service in terms of tailor-made manufacture 100% made in Italy, long-term warranty, technical assistance, last but not least the longest durability in the market.

The Lemi 4, dating back to 1989, is emblematic to demonstrate the extra long life of Lemi chairs. One of the very first copies of this model has been recovered after 22 years, unchanged in terms of components. This means that its 4 electric motors have been working nonstop for such a long time offering the maximum comfort to so many clients and permitting the utmost satisfaction for the user who has been specially rewarded with a brand new Lemi chair offered by Lemi Group President Mr Emilio Brusaferri.

Actually, the owner of the company was the one listining to the market’s needs since the very beginning, thus making of Lemi 4 the ultimate multifunctional couchbed and the most durable. From mechanical controls to full electrical adjustments. From an impressive beautiful size to a graceful modern shape.

Thanks to these key features Lemi is the perfect choice for anyone searching for an up-to-date solution together with one of the longest warranties and best technical service on the market.


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